National Nursing Week: Interview with Ariane Leroux

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On the National Nursing Week, we met with Ariane Leroux, Director of Nursing (DON) at FLORÉA in Terrebonne, to talk a little about her job. Interview with a fulfilled woman


Ms. Leroux, tell us a bit about yourself. Was becoming a nurse a definite career decision?

I come from a very “medical” family: my dad was a doctor and my mom a nurse. Even so, becoming a nurse was not the obvious choice for me. I’d say that life actually led me to this profession. After I graduated, I worked in hospitals. I also taught. However, I was looking for an environment that would allow for a better balance between work and family. That’s what, among other things, led me to Le Groupe Maurice.


So, the main reason you decided to work in a residence for seniors is to achieve work-family balance?

Yes and no. Yes, to the extent that I wanted to settle somewhere, have my office, a team, and create a special bond with my patients and their families. No, because a director of nursing is always on call. Sometimes, I have to go to work at night. It’s demanding, but at the same time so energizing.


What are you most passionate about in your job?

Teaching is probably what I like most. Residents don’t always know much about health, so we have to provide explanations in a way they can understand. The employees are adequately trained. However, I like pushing the limits of their knowledge and see how well they can apply it.


NursingDo you feel that things have changed since you started practising?

Working conditions are obviously much more pleasant in the private sector than in the public sector. We have great flexibility. It’s possible to suggest ideas to improve the quality of care. For example, when SOFI was introduced at our residence (French only), we were able to propose improvements to make the software even more efficient. When we have a project in mind, the nursing manager at the head office is always willing to hear about it. Speaking of which, FLORÉA is currently working on an activity pilot project that would combine care and recreation. Our suggestions are taken into consideration, and this is very much appreciated.


Is there anything important to you that you want to share with us?

Beyond the employees, our main collaborators are the residents and their families. It is crucial not to underestimate the power of the bonds that we create with them. They are essential to our happiness and sense of fulfilment, both professionally and personally. Since the opening of FLORÉA, we have accompanied many people whose parents were struggling with serious health problems. We were very close to them, and came to love them as our own families. Being a nurse means being compassionate; a bond of trust will naturally form with our patients and their loved ones. That helps us help them. And that’s basically what we really want: provide help.


Thank you so much, Ms. Leroux. We wish you many beautiful projects at FLORÉA!

Visit the Canadian Nurses Association website to learn more about the National Nursing Week.

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