Over 60 tablets provided to residents courtesy of Luc Maurice

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Since the beginning of May, tablet computers have been arriving at Le Groupe Maurice residences, courtesy of Luc Maurice, to help residents keep in touch with their friends and family members.

Over the past several weeks, our teams have had to come up with creative ways to brighten our residents’ everyday lives. From videos and activities by leisure managers on the community channel to assistance with videoconferencing calls to loved ones, they’ve worked hard to try to offer our residents some comfort during these challenging times. But Luc Maurice and his teams knew they wanted to do more to fight isolation among our residents.

Conscious of the fact that many residents do not have the technological means to communicate with their families, and knowing the importance of social interaction for the wellbeing of the elderly, Luc Maurice took action. He decided to provide residents with iPads so they could not only hear their loved ones, but see them too. There’s nothing like the presence of family—even if it’s virtual—when you’re going through a difficult period in life.


More than 60 tablets for Le Groupe Maurice residents

Luc Maurice procured over 60 tablet computers to be distributed to Le Groupe Maurice residences. Tablet stations will be set up in the residences’ common areas. At residences subject to isolation measures, video calls will be made at the entrances to residents’ units. Residents can then take turns calling their friends and family using the Skype video conferencing application.

Volunteers will be on site to assist residents who need help using these tools. The volunteers will also ensure that hygiene measures are followed, including sanitizing the tablets after every use and maintaining recommended physical distancing.

For more details about how the process will work at your residence or the residence of your family member, don’t hesitate to contact the residence’s team directly. The specific details may vary from one residence to another.

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To download Skype on your PC, tablet or smartphone, click here.

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