Packed house for VAST, Le Groupe Maurice’s new project in Sainte-Julie

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Clearly, people have been eagerly awaiting VAST, Le Groupe Maurice’s future residential complex in Sainte-Julie! More than 600 people attended the information sessions, held on October 10 and 11, 2018.

It goes without saying that Le Groupe Maurice is very pleased with the enthusiastic welcome it received from Saint-Julie residents, who will be able to watch the building go up very soon.


Long-awaited VAST

In addition to the large number of people who attended the information sessions, the many telephone calls Le Groupe Maurice received since the event has revealed strong interest in VAST. The opening of the residence’s rental office, slated for March 2019, will undoubtedly be very good news for the eager future residents.

“We are thrilled with the trust the region has placed in us. This is an adventure we’ve been looking forward to experiencing with Monteregians for some time. Each of our projects is designed with future residents in mind. We are convinced that we can meet the expectations of Saint-Julie residents by carefully choosing each element that will be part of VAST, as we do for every residence,” said Luc Maurice, Le Groupe Maurice’s president.


Grandiose VAST

VAST will be built on Murano Street, on the corner of Armand Frappier Boulevard, a site chosen specifically for the many services that will be available to residents. The ten-story residential complex will offer retirees 358 sunny apartments with services to rent—from studios to 5½-room units—as well as 20 care units.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s seniors, VAST will offer all the latest in comfort, safety and innovation. Its vast relaxation and recreation areas will include several lounges with a piano, bookcases and a fireplace, as well as a panoramic lounge on the top floor. A dining room with table service will invite residents to enjoy delicious meals concocted by the in-house chef on days when they don’t feel like cooking. Pool tables, a spa, an indoor pool with a light-therapy beach, a golf simulator, bowling alley and bistro complete the many amenities residents and their guests can enjoy.


Beautiful VAST

The site of Sainte-Julie’s future residence boasts stunning views of Mont Saint-Hilaire and Mont Saint-Bruno, courtesy of a landscape few locations can offer. The name “VAST” evokes the uniqueness of the space, which will give residents a gorgeous vista to enjoy. The project’s modern and welcoming interior design was inspired by elements of nature, as was its logo, whose two points— representing the two mountains—are intersected with the “V” for VAST. Retirement in Le Groupe Maurice’s VAST residence will be tranquil, stimulating and imbued with the freedom of generous, choice surroundings.


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