Preventive measures in line with COVID-19

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Updated September 23rd, 2020 at 6:14 PM - These requirements will be updated to reflect the evolving situation and any new official measures.


Today, more than ever, we must continue to cooperate and remain as vigilant as ever to ensure the safety of our residents and employees. Everybody has an important role to play. We understand that the past several months have not been easy. By working together, we’ll keep moving forward in this battle.

Important! These measures apply to residences that currently have zero diagnosed cases of COVID-19.



Leaving the residence and using a vehicle

Residents are now permitted to take walks outdoors and leave their residence without supervision. They can also use their car to drive to local shops like the grocery store, the SAQ or a pharmacy.

All residents entering and exiting their residence must continue using the main entrance only. When leaving the residence for any purpose (go for a walk, take the car, etc.), all residents must sign out at the reception area.

In addition, Quebec’s public health institute now requires everyone to indicate where they are going when signing out. This will enable the authorities to better track the virus in the event of an outbreak inside the residence.


Visits outside the residence

Residents are now permitted to meet friends or family outside the residence in compliance with social distancing rules.


Visits from outside

Please note that all non-residents (visitors, suppliers, employees, others) must use the main entrance only in accordance with public health protocols.

Remember to :

  • Wash your hands when entering
  • Wear a mask when moving about
  • Sign the visitor register
  • Expect a temperature check upon arrival


Visits by family and friends

Family and friends may now visit residents in their rental units. However, measures vary depending on the region in which the residence is located, according to the color system established by the public health authorities, either green (vigilance), yellow (early warning), orange (alert) or red (maximum alert) depending on the situation. You may refer to the table below for instructions for the residence that interests you.

Number of visitors per unit limited to 10 people, including residents who stay in the unit.Estrie, Lanaudière, Laurentides, Mauricie, Montérégie
Number of visitors per unit limited to 6 people, including residents who stay in the unit.Île de Montréal, Laval, Outaouais, Capitale Nationale
Prohibited visits Chaudière-Appalaches


All visitors must comply with the following rules:

  • Visitors are not permitted in common areas, except when entering or exiting the building.
  • Face coverings must be worn while moving around inside the residence.
  • A minimum distance of 2 metres must be maintained between each person.


Residents can also receive visits in their rental unit from :

  • Healthcare providers (dentists, dental hygienists, hearing care professionals, etc.)
  • Individuals hired by the resident or the family, regardless of the service offered (hair stylists, housekeeping, etc.).


Visits by family and friends - Signature care units

If no COVID-19 cases are recorded in the Signature care units, family and friends may visit residents in their rental units, according to the system presented above and provided that they comply with the stated rules.


Visits by caregivers

Each request by a caregiver will be evaluated by the residences' management team and the residences' care units team. We invite you to contact the residence for more information on this subject.


Rental visits

Future residents are able to make an appointment to come and visit the vast majority of residences, respecting a rigorous security protocol to supervise these visits. Here are the measures that will be applied at all times:

  • Visits to the residence will be by appointment only;
  • The visitor must not have any flu-like symptoms, not be a carrier of Covid-19 or have been in contact with a carrier of Covid-19;
  • The visitor must comply with the following health regulations at all times:
    • Wearing a face cover
    • Hand hygiene (hand disinfection when entering and leaving the residence);
    • Respect for the physical distance of 2 meters at all times.
    • Signing of the register upon receipt;
  • Employees who receive these visitors must at all times respect the same security measures.
  • The furniture will be disinfected after each visit.

Deliveries (medication, groceries, mailed deliveries, etc.)

Grocery and pharmacy deliverers can deliver once more packages right to the resident's door, except at those residences in which visits are prohibited. 

We have implemented various measures to support residents with online ordering. We also encourage residents to seek the help of loved ones to assist them with their shopping.


Measures regarding mandatory isolation (“quarantine”) 

The following measures apply to all employees and residents.

Mandatory isolation (“quarantine”) applies if an individual:

  • Exhibits symptoms of the flu or has been in contact with another individual who exhibits symptoms of the flu.
  • Receives a positive diagnosis for COVID-19.
  • Moves into a residence
  • Is back from a trip abroad


If you have recently taken a trip/cruise (regardless of destination):

✓ Notify your Director of Care as soon as possible.

✓ Stay isolated as a preventive measure by remaining in your apartment for 14 days (beginning the moment you returned from your trip/cruise). NOTE: If you develop symptoms during mandatory isolation, you are REQUIRED to inform your Director of Care and contact 1-877-644-4545.


Increased surveillance

Mechanisms for monitoring and controlling comings and goings are now being implemented at the residences (inspections, deactivating secondary access points, etc.) to ensure compliance with all the measures in place.


Daily operations

  • Opening of dining areas following strict protocols and, respecting sanitary rules and physical distance (waiting areas, separation between tables, 2 services, hand washing, no cash exchanged, etc.). For residents who wish to receive their meal at home, we maintain our meal delivery service at the apartment's door, at no additional cost.
  • Opening of certain common areas (outdoor gardens, different salons, places of worship), by phases and when the situation allows, always respecting the instructions and following the established disinfection routine.
  • The staff at the residences have had to come up with creative ways to make everyday life more pleasant for residents, including adjusting their activity schedules, distributing materials door-to-door, organizing activities on balconies, and more.
  • Common areas are routinely disinfected and cleaned.
  • Pharmacy and convenience store locations are considered essential services and remain open. We remind residents that gatherings in these places are also prohibited, and that it is especially important to maintain proper hygiene and social distancing.


It’s important to remember that we have to stay vigilant. We have a shared duty to ensure compliance with safety measures to make sure no one’s health is at risk.

For any questions, residents should contact a member of their residence’s staff. At any given time, residents can use the emergency bells located in their unit or common areas. A professional will assist them or address their concerns, and their confidentiality will always be protected.


Measures regarding confinement and isolation

Confinement measures apply to the residence itself and not to the residents’ units. Thus, residents are allowed to leave their apartment and circulate in the common areas in compliance with the rules of proper hygiene and social distancing.

Some residences may be subject to preventive or mandatory isolation measures. In such cases, confinement measures must remain in place and residents from this complexes must remain in their apartments unless they receive authorization to leave for strictly necessary reasons. This means that walks are prohibited in the interest of protecting all residents’ health. An ongoing communication process is in place for complexes affected by such a situation, to keep residents (and their family members, if applicable), informed of any developments in the situation.


Reminder:simple steps to avoid spreading the virus

  • No close contact, such as shaking hands or intimate greetings (kissing, hugging, etc.).
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use a hand disinfectant that contains at least 60% alcohol if you are unable to wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Refrain from touching your eyes, nose or mouth if you have not washed your hands beforehand.
  • If you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a paper tissue. Do not cough or sneeze into your hands. Dispose of all paper tissues in a garbage container (preferably one with a lid). When this is not possible, be sure to cough or sneeze into your elbow to reduce the risk of transmission;
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces regularly in common areas, before and after their use;
  • Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory disease.
  • Wear a face covering when appropriate or necessary, according to public health guidelines;
  • Follow these precautions diligently, particularly if you are travelling or using public transportation of any kind.




Please be advised that Le Groupe Maurice is monitoring the situation very closely and is in constant contact with the public health authorities in order to ensure that best practices are adopted and complied with.


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