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Quebec’s retirement residences, an inimitable model!

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Quebec’s retirement residences are unlike any others in the world, to the point where people are trying to imitate them. Rita Kataroyan, our Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, recently attended the Conférence québécoise sur l’immobilier locatif, where she discussed the subject with several industry stakeholders. At the end of their exchanges, they concluded that the residences here really are quite unique.


Valuing autonomy

What makes our retirement complexes so exceptional? Why are three times as many seniors living in residences in Quebec compared to the rest of Canada? According to the conclusions draw from the above discussions, the difference is residences for independent seniors, which are not as common in the rest of Canada.

Le Groupe Maurice and several other real estate developers are very enthusiastic about the Quebec model of senior residences. The reason is simple: in this model, residents are free to choose the services they would like, or that they need. This is a far cry from residences designed solely to provide care, which is still the norm outside the province. Here, residences offer a wide range of optional services, according to the interests of today’s seniors. I believe that our model is an accurate reflection of Quebec society: innovative, inspiring, epicurean and most of all, human-oriented.


Freedom above all

Unlike residential complexes designed solely for people with diminishing autonomy, Quebeckers choose to live in this model of residence, instead of it being a last resort when health problems force them out of their homes. That’s why we talk about “living environments,” designed for people who want to make the most of their retirement. Since residents often move in while they are still relatively young, they have unlimited socialization, entertainment and fulfilment possibilities. For us, it has never been a question of coming here to lose one’s autonomy and freedom. Quite the contrary! We make every effort to help our residents fulfill their desires and satisfy their interests.


Meeting upcoming challenges

While we are pleased that Quebec residences are an inspiration around the world, there is still a great deal of work to do. Driven by our unwavering commitment to seniors, we are now working to meet the challenges on the horizon. Quebec will need another 50,000 residential units by 2028. The Canadian population is aging and we will have difficulties serving our seniors if we don’t act now. This is why we and a few other industry stakeholders recently met with the Quebec government to discuss potential solutions.



I believe that our strength lies in the vision that led to the development of Quebec’s senior residence model. We care deeply for our seniors and make their happiness a priority. Quebeckers are highly creative and passionate people, true idea generators. I’m very proud of us and am convinced that it is our vision that has piqued the interest of people around the world… and is what makes us inimitable!




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