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Reinventing ourselves, while remaining ourselves

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As you likely know, Le Groupe Maurice has been growing rapidly in recent years. Each new project sees us integrating new products or making improvements to suit the ever-evolving needs of our clientele. However, while it is essential for us to maintain our momentum, it’s equally important that we keep our existing residences well-maintained and up-to-date.


That said, each year we invest in improving our earlier properties, even if they really aren’t “that old". This way, residents can continue to enjoy where they live, and why, in recent years, we’ve introduced a residential revitalization program.


Not long ago, one of our residences underwent a major transformation. Les Jardins du Campanile had its common areas completely made-over. I am especially proud of the result! This is the first time in the history of Le Groupe Maurice, that renovations of this magnitude have been undertaken in one of our residences. Les Jardins du Campanile now offers a breath of fresh air to its residents, while retaining its warm ambiance. However, as this was a first for us, I admit to being a bit concerned as to how our residents and employees would react during the disruptive period.


An evening, full of feeling

On Thursday, May 16th, I was invited to an event highlighting the outstanding contribution and dedication of the Les Jardins du Campanile employees. Their creativity, professionalism and caring ensured that the residents’ quality of life was not unduly affected over the year-long renovation period. The idea to honour the Campanile employees came from management; which was a kind and thoughtful gesture.


At one point in the evening, the residence director initiated a game where each of the 40 employees had to sum up their professional life at Les Jardins du Campanile in just one word. What I heard deeply moved me. The most frequently mentioned words were: family, helping, serving, respect, values and human. In short, the employees felt valued by their professional "family" and felt good about it too.


I have also heard, on more than one occasion, that these same individuals are not only happy to help the residents, but their colleagues as well.


Finally, the employees reiterated how important it is for the residence to convey human values for both the residents and themselves alike. It solidifies their sense of belonging, while motivating them to stay involved – not because they feel obligated to, but because they want to.


Together, we will always be stronger

The evening to honour the employees of Les Jardins du Campanile was a truly wonderful experience. I remain convinced that what is most important in life is learning, in addition to helping and loving our fellow souls. My dear colleagues, you’ve reminded me to never forget that nothing can stop a community that stands together. And that without each other, we can only go so far.


I was beyond proud of the resilience with which the employees and residents of Les Jardins du Campanile responded to their situation. They are living proof that we of Le Groupe Maurice are of a different breed. We believe the value we place on aging well, should always take precedence over profit. The humanity in all of us, is evidence of that.


It’s high time you reap the rewards of your efforts! Enjoy your new residence!




Luc Maurice


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I understand there is possibility that you will be constructing a complex in Town of Mt Royal. I would be greatly intersted in further information on this project.
Many thanks, Marie-Belle Cunningham


    Good afternnon Mrs Cunningham,
    Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we don't have additional information about this project at the moment. Don't hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest information about our new projects.
    Thank you very much and have a nice day !