Senior Power : A proven fact!

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Beyond its role as leader in the retirement residence development and management sector, Le Groupe Maurice wants, more than ever, to help the population gain greater awareness of the important role seniors have played and continue to play in society. This autumn brings the launch of another powerful initiative. Make way for senior power!


Undeniable power

Over the last few years, Le Groupe Maurice—and the entire industry’s—marketing campaigns have greatly evolved. Today, in addition to promoting its different retirement complexes, the Groupe’s marketing initiatives promote the values, and causes, dear to its team’s heart.

The year started with the launch of a campaign that promoted recognizing seniors’ value. It conveyed how much seniors do, still today, to enrich the lives of their loved ones, by passing down the knowledge they have acquired. Le Groupe Maurice wanted to continue in this vein. In addition to recognizing seniors’ rightful place in society, it now affirms, backed by concrete data, that this generation holds incredible power.

The data is undeniable: seniors make up more than one fifth of Quebec’s population*. For the first time in the province’s—and the country’s—history, their numbers are higher than children ages 0–14. It is therefore logical that they would have a huge influence that can make a big difference in our society.

“Due to their growing numbers, diverse knowledge and community involvement, seniors have a huge influence,” explains Rita Kataroyan, Le Groupe Maurice’s vice-president of marketing and sales. “Via an advertising campaign that promotes the power seniors hold, we are aiming to change the narrow view the public may have of elderly people, due to the way they are often portrayed in the media.”


Seizing the momentum

The federal elections this fall provided an excellent opportunity for a publicity stunt concretely demonstrating that seniors have power, perhaps more than they themselves had thought!

The company also took advantage of another event, National Seniors’ Day on October 1st, to launch its new campaign. Luc Maurice wrote an open letter that was published on this symbolic day, encouraging the population to shift its perception of this invaluable group of people.

Since September 28, 2019, posters, print and web ads have made clear, strong claims, illustrating that seniors have one vote out of four and make up more than one fifth of

Quebec’s population. An interview-style video posted on several online platforms also supports these statements. Further, a partnership with Jean-Pier Gravel and his Départments des Moments (moments department) was added to the campaign, with touching stories and photos illustrating unique moments with seniors. A website,, was created for the campaign, to allow visitors to experience all the content in one location. Finally, the hashtag #seniorpower was created to invite the public to reflect on the place seniors hold in society, the power they actually have in their day-to-day lives and the power they deserve.

Ultimately, this campaign shines a light on the true influence seniors have on our society.


More than a campaign: raising awareness


“With the aging of the Baby Boomers, the senior population will continue to grow, making up one in four people in Quebec in 2031*,” explains Rita Kataroyan. “Their power is real. Recognizing this is an important step in society’s willingness and ability to acknowledge seniors’ value and the place they deserve. Seniors need community, but the opposite is also true. Achieving a balance in this regard will benefit us all,” she concludes.


Since senior empowerment supports their freedom, their power to accomplish what they desire and control over their destiny, it goes without saying that the theme is perfectly in keeping with Le Groupe Maurice’s values. More than a simple subject, it is a philosophy likely to lead the company’s ideas and actions down even more evocative paths in its efforts to make seniors shine like never before.


*Source: Statistics Canada and Elections Canada

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