The Luc Maurice Foundation takes action to support AGES Foundation’s social geriatrics

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By 2061, 2.9 million people will be 65 years old and older in Quebec. According to estimates, 10-15% of them will be at risk of losing autonomy due to disability. Faced with this major challenge, home care for seniors is emerging as a promising solution for improving the quality of life of seniors. That’s the goal of the social geriatrics program established by Dr. Stéphane Lemire with the AGES Foundation, which the Luc Maurice Foundation has decided to support.



Clinical geriatrics is the branch of medicine that aims to restore and maintain the functional autonomy of elderly people. It is primarily performed in hospitals and long-term care centres. Meanwhile, social geriatrics happens within the community itself with the participation of local organizations.

Social geriatrics involves a broader range of professionals who work with the elderly. These include (among others) general practitioners, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, home care workers and pharmacists.

It also involves individuals from the community, like the staff of local community service centres and seniors’ caregivers and families.


Collaboration “in the field”

Social geriatrics performed by community organizations reaches seniors directly in the environments in which they live. This results in more direct collaboration with front-line service providers like family doctors, local community service centres and pharmacists as well as people in the community like families, friends and neighbours.

Social geriatrics also helps identify unmet home care needs. It facilitates access to services available in the community, like domestic assistance or social and cultural activities.

Finally, the vigilance of the various professionals and support providers involved makes this a more efficient approach for monitoring potential problems and performing interventions and consultations.


Facilitating access to healthcare services

Providing effective care to an elderly person at home can be a challenge. In particular, obtaining access to healthcare and social services can be difficult due to specific patient needs, inadequate infrastructure or organizational problems.

The aim of social geriatrics is to coordinate the actions of professional and community resources in order to eliminate these obstacles and extend the medical practitioner’s area of intervention beyond the hospital environment.


The AGES Foundation: adding life to years

The AGES Foundation has been active since 2012 under the leadership of its president and founder Stéphane Lemire. It contributes to improving the health and quality of life of seniors through the development of social geriatrics. To achieve its mission, the Foundation teams up with healthcare specialists and public and community organizations. The result is a model of ageing that allows seniors to continue contributing to their communities, which ultimately benefits all of society.


The Luc Maurice Foundation has committed to support AGES Foundation with $60,000 spread over a period of three years.


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