The 5 Most Spectacular Viewpoints From Le Groupe Maurice Residences

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Whether from a rooftop deck or panoramic lounge, Le Groupe Maurice residences offer some of the most breathtaking views. Admire the horizon as far as the eye can see or take in the sparkling city lights from five of our favourite viewpoints!


VÜ, nature in the midst of the city

Les 5 points de vue les plus spectaculaires des résidences du Groupe Maurice - Résidence Le Vu - Viewpoints

The VÜ residence in Sherbrooke is very aptly named!

Its 5,000-square-foot rooftop deck with landscaped garden invites residents to relax and drink in the incredible views of Lac des Nations and its greenery, which act as the city’s lungs.

Each July, residents have the best spot from which to view the incredible Grand Feux fireworks competition during La Fête du Lac des Nations, a show that always generates oohs and aahs.



Le Gibraltar, a multi-use rooftop terrace

Les 5 points de vue les plus spectaculaires des résidences du Groupe Maurice - Le Gibraltar - Québec - Résidences pour personnes âgées - Viewpoints

In the heart of the Saint-Sacrement district in Quebec City, Le Gibraltar’s rooftop deck offers a different view of the “Gibraltar of the Americas” (the Citadel). The esplanade is perfect for summer parties and the residents love the vegetable garden. Whether celebrating Quebec’s national day with an open-air dance or picking tomatoes and gathering salad for supper, the Gibraltar's rooftop deck has something for everyone!

Toward new horizons of well-being!



Elogia, imbued with Olympic spirit

Les 5 points de vue les plus spectaculaires des résidences du Groupe Maurice - Elogia - Montréal - Résidences pour personnes âgées - Viewpoints

We head to Montréal to discover another spectacular viewpoint. Overlooking the iconic Olympic Stadium—which boasts the world’s tallest inclined tower—and the pyramid-shaped Olympic Village, the rooftop deck on Elogia’s 12th floor is a gem. During the summer months, residents make optimal use of the immense space to stroll and relax. Plus, it’s the perfect spot to watch the Grand Feux Loto-Québec firework shows in the Old Port or the sun going down over the city.

The project’s second phase, which has just begun, will offer residents even more views to feast their eyes on!



ORA, a retreat in keeping with urban dwellers’ high expectations

Les 5 points de vue les plus spectaculaires des résidences du Groupe Maurice - ORA - Montréal - Résidences pour personnes âgées - Viewpoints

Located in the heart of Montréal’s Ahuntsic borough, the ORA residence recently opened its doors, presenting a unique service offer. But the crown jewel of this residence is without a doubt the spacious panoramic lounge on the 12th floor, with its incredible views of Mount Royal. Residents get to admire Montréal and the surrounding area and enjoy an abundance of natural light thanks to the walls of windows. The views alone are worth a visit!

You can even take a 360-degree peek at the view from the comfort of your own home!

What adds to the charm is the residents’ direct access to a grocery store, pharmacy and restaurant right in the building. It’s not only the views that are impressive at ORA!



Quartier Mont-St-Hilaire, for those who love nature… and a good book

Les 5 points de vue les plus spectaculaires des résidences du Groupe Maurice - Le Quartier Mont-St-Hilaire - Résidences pour personnes âgées - Viewpoints

Lovers of nature and leisure activities, Quartier Mont-St-Hilaire was made for you! In the heart of this charming small town, the huge library on the residence’s fifth floor offers a phenomenal view of Mont Saint-Hilaire. The lush forest contains over 600 plant species and was recognized by UNESCO as Canada’s first biosphere reserve. How about a nice stroll in the morning and a little reading and view-admiring in the afternoon? Bliss!

And what could be more relaxing than birdsong!


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