The Innovator available online: Julie Crevier unveils the secrets of this new magazine

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For the first edition of The Innovator, the exclusive magazine for residents produced by the Le Groupe Maurice team, we met with Julie Crevier, Director of Communications and the project’s leader. Julie spoke to us about the publication’s purpose, available online, and revealed what residents can expect to find on its pages.


Julie, tell us about The Innovator. This isn’t the first time Le Groupe Maurice has put out this publication, right?

That’s right! The Innovator was created in 2008, but, at the time, it was published in the form of a newspaper. Our intention was to bring together information about important events at all the residences and spotlight the latest news at Le Groupe Maurice. But the growing number of residences and the arrival of the Facebook page—which allowed us to post regularly about activities at the residences—meant we had to rethink the initial newspaper format. Plus, we had more information about Le Groupe Maurice that we also wanted to share with residents. So, we took some time to mull it over, re-evaluate our needs, and rethink what we wanted the publication to say.


Why The Innovator? It’s not a name you’d expect for a magazine published by a company that manages seniors’ residences.

On the contrary! The name The Innovator suits us to a tee, because innovation is one of The Groupe Maurice’s core values. We also chose to make it the central theme of this first edition of the magazine. Innovating doesn’t just mean coming up with something new. It also means rethinking the way we do things, and doing them differently, better. And that’s what drives us every day: Our desire to change the landscape of seniors’ residences. Of course, innovation won’t be the theme of all the editions of the magazine. Nonetheless, we thought it was important to launch this new step by focusing on innovation since it’s so fundamental for Le Groupe Maurice.




Why was the project taken up again?

Our motivation for creating The Innovator in 2008 never went away. We wanted to have a communication tool made especially for residents. It would share news stories that impact their everyday lives while reporting on the latest developments at Le Groupe Maurice and the wider industry. While it’s true that new communication tools have emerged and we’re able to interact with residents daily, it’s hard to replace the sensation of holding and admiring a print magazine.


What can residents expect when they open up their copy?

The magazine was designed to really connect with residents about topics that matter to them. The Innovator is more than 50 pages long, which allows us to cover the different subjects in detail. The many photos make the articles in the magazine instantly more relatable to readers. For example, in the first edition, we offer an exclusive scoop on Le Groupe Maurice’s latest news, we highlight an initiative that was 100% created and launched by residents and we offer investigations on issues that affect all of us, such as loneliness among the elderly. In addition, we talk about residences undergoing construction like L’Initial in Gatineau and Margo in Lévis. We also examine the design work involved in creating our residences, as well as the Luc Maurice Foundation. Finally, The Innovator offers a platform for all the experts involved with Le Groupe Maurice, from the residences to the development department, food service and our partners. Everyone gets to have their say.


How often will The Innovator be published?

The Innovator will be published three times a year, in March, June and October—a schedule that allows us to stay relevant, current and in tune with residents, while giving our team enough time to produce quality content.


L’Innovateur is a magazine created for residents. Can residents send you their ideas and suggestions?

Of course! We encourage all residents to send us their comments, suggestions and ideas to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. The goal is to create an exclusive space for discussion between residents and the Le Groupe Maurice team.


The magazine The Innovator is now available online. Check out the 1st issue !

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