The Luc Maurice Foundation Publishes its First Annual Report

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The Luc Maurice Foundation recently published its annual report, Live Long, Age Well which presents the foundation’s accomplishments since its creation on November 14, 2017.


The Luc Maurice Foundation was formed to help Quebec seniors age well, be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. Today, the foundation is pleased to share its progress in its very first annual report.


Nearly $1.7 M given to support Quebec seniors

During its first year, the foundation’s team members wanted to take the time to deepen their knowledge and their relationship with different organizations dedicated to the wellness of Quebec seniors. The ties that were forged during the course of the year are priceless. Not only did they help the Luc Maurice Foundation to grow, they laid solid foundations for its future.

From a financial standpoint, from November 2017 to the end of 2018, the foundation gave nearly $1.7 M in donations to more than 100 organizations working in the three areas of focus at the heart of the foundation’s mission: the health, socialization and recognition/self-worth of seniors.


What’s next

In 2019, foundation director Matias Duque—with Le Groupe Maurice’s unwavering support—will focus on furthering several partnerships already underway. These namely concern a number of gerontology research projects by Quebec universities and forays into the role new technologies could play in helping seniors stay in their homes longer.

The team will spend the year building on the actions it has taken, implementing new processes and supporting new projects that will further the foundation’s mission.


Read the community report online

“Every Le Groupe Maurice residence will receive a few copies of the annual report, which will be available for consultation. We are excited for you to read about the foundation’s work and accomplishments since its creation!” said Mr. Duque.

The Luc Maurice Foundation’s 2018 community report is available online on the foundation’s website and on Le Groupe Maurice’s website. Discover the different causes the foundation supports!

To make a donation to the Luc Maurice Foundation, visit the To give is to receive page.

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