VAST: A virtual tour like no other!

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On August 14, more than 500 people gathered at Hotel Mortagne to get a first look at the VAST residence’s new virtual tour. To top it off, Frédérick De Grandpré recreated the ambiance of old-time jazz clubs with an exclusive concert.


The future residents of VAST, the new residence by Le Groupe Maurice opening in late 2020, were treated to a special preview of their new home on August 14. The excitement was palpable for all the residents who had reserved their units during the pre-construction phase several months ago. The virtual tour offered them a sneak peek of the common areas, residential units and the large garden with its enchanting waterfall.

Future residents weren’t the only ones who got to enjoy a preview of the beautiful new residence in Sainte-Julie. Many others with an interest in the residential complex were also in attendance. And as if they needed any more convincing that VAST was the perfect residence for them, the virtual tour certainly did the trick!


A virtual tour like no other

The virtual tour is a new concept developed by Le Groupe Maurice. This interactive and comprehensive tool lets users explore the residence at their own pace while touring the various common areas, a model apartment and the residence’s exterior. You can even preview how much sunlight your unit gets during different times of the day. Do you prefer more sun in the early morning, or later in the afternoon?

“The new virtual tour format we presented today generated a lot of curiosity among the participants. I know of several who are eager to visit the rental office and try it out in person,” said Louis Desjardins, Le Groupe Maurice’s Sales Director. “This [interactive] tour complements the video virtual tour we’ve been showcasing to date, which will be accessible on Le Groupe Maurice’s website very soon.”

While the video version of the tour will soon be available online, the public will be able to experience Le Groupe Maurice’s latest innovation at the VAST rental office. Come visit us! The residence’s team will be happy to guide you through the virtual tour.


And a concert to boot!

The VAST residence’s team also prepared another treat for yesterday’s audience: an exclusive concert by the accomplished musician and actor Frédérick De Grandpré. And some of the participants couldn’t resist taking a few dance steps!

One day earlier, Frédérick De Grandpré performed to an audience of over 400 people in Laval, including future residents (both confirmed and interested) of IVVI.


“He was really friendly and very generous.”

Liette and Robert, future residents of IVVI


“He’s a singer with a lot of class and talent. We had a great time!”

Kathleen and Lucien, future residents of IVVI


“It was fantastic. Thank you so much!”

Michèle and Bernard, future residents of VAST


“It was an amazing time!”

Diane and Robert Roy, future residents of VAST


The Québécois crooner performed a repertoire of classic French chansons by Charles Aznavour, Charles Trenet, Yves Montand and other legends, creating a nostalgic atmosphere rich in fond memories and emotions.


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