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Volunteers Honoured at Le Groupe Maurice

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Volunteer work has always been important for our organization. To celebrate the commitment, involvement and dedication of the people who help energize their living space through volunteer work, Le Groupe Maurice has decided to create a volunteer recognition program. Marc Ouimet, our assistant vice-president, will tell you about this initiative, which was born out of our deepest gratitude.


Luc Maurice invited me to take his place today, to tell you about a volunteer recognition initiative into which we’ve poured our whole heart and all our passion. It’s incredible how much volunteers contribute to quality of life in the residences. I say it often and I truly believe it: the individual and collective impact that residents have on life in the residences is immense. The volunteers’ energy, drive and desire to share are truly essential qualities. Volunteering makes them feel valued and, most of all, it breaks isolation. Like physical activity for our physical health, exchanging and sharing are just as vital for our psychological health and overall balance, at any age. It’s such a pleasure to see how recognition makes the volunteers feel, especially when it is deeply felt and authentic. It’s as much a pleasure to give it as to receive it.


Volunteering: one of our core values

For 20 years now, one of the most positive drivers of social life in our residences has been the work of volunteer residents who contribute to senior socialization each day.

This is why we wish to promote volunteer actions that help vitalize the living space, create an environment conducive to socialization and foster contributions by residents. This also valorizes the volunteers, which is important to us.


The next steps

The volunteer recognition program was officially adopted in April 2018. Volunteer residents can now highlight their involvement or that of a co-resident by submitting a nomination in one or more award categories: Panel Favourite, Leadership, Group Project and Residence Vitality.

In October, all Le Groupe Maurice volunteers (around 1,400 people!) are invited to regional recognition day events celebrating their wonderful accomplishments. The regional nominees in each category will be announced and those named will be invited to attend the closing gala on December 5, 2018, on International Volunteer Day.

We are especially proud to celebrate those who help make life in a retirement complex inviting, inclusive, social and mobilizing.


Thanks to all of you for your invaluable contribution.


Learn more about volunteer work in Quebec at Réseau de l'Action Bénévole's website.

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