6 Great Reasons To Come Live In Residence


Moving into a seniors’ residence is a decision that requires careful consideration and clear, precise information. While there are many advantages to living in a residence, we’ve compiled the top 6 reasons that have convinced many to come live with us at Le Groupe Maurice!

 1. For your freedom

Living in a residence is the perfect opportunity to pursue your passions and interests, on your own terms.

That’s why Le Groupe Maurice residences offer a range of options, from studios to 5 ½ apartments, allowing you to find a living space that fits your needs and personal preferences. Everything is designed to make you feel right at home, from the moment you arrive.

2. For an active social life

You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort, independence or privacy. You’re free to live in the tranquillity of your apartment, relax in the spacious and bright common areas or welcome your family and friends whenever you like.

You’ll also enjoy a modern setting where a cozy dining room invites you to savour delicious meals, freshly prepared in our kitchen and served directly to your table.

The on-site recreation staff ensure that you have a varied calendar of activities tailored to your tastes and needs. Whether sports, cultural or artistic, these activities allow you to maintain an active, social and enriching life.

3. For true peace of mind

Le Groupe Maurice residences are designed with your well-being in mind, prioritizing your peace of mind and sense of security. You reside in a safe and supportive environment, with 24/7 care staff and emergency systems in place throughout your apartment, providing reassurance and comfort.

This thoughtful design significantly minimizes the risk of accidents. And even though our apartments are conceived differently depending on the residence, you always have access to amenities and equipment adapted to your needs.

4. For keeping you close… and reassuring loved ones

Moving into a welcoming and secure community can have benefits that extend beyond your own well-being, also bringing reassurance for your loved ones. With our residences located throughout Quebec and soon in Ontario, you have the flexibility to choose a location that suits your needs. Whether you prefer to stay close to your current home or be nearer to family and friends, the choice is yours!

Moreover, residence life is designed to support your independence for as long as possible. With convenient shops and services, engaging activities and fully equipped apartments… you’ll enjoy a level of freedom and flexibility that’s unparalleled.

5. For access to… well, everything

Having access to shops, services, common areas and recreational activities is a significant advantage for residents. Le Groupe Maurice’s complexes are strategically located near a wide range of local amenities, making life that much easier.

This means you can enjoy your hobbies and interests, both within the residence and beyond, with total freedom and independence – no matter the season. Everything you need for your daily life, health and personal enrichment is readily available, and you can even connect with nature in the beautifully designed green spaces within our residences.

6. For simplifying your daily life

Living in one of our great residences makes your everyday life easier. Goodbye worries, hello freedom! In addition to everything included in the lease, you can benefit from various optional services on a regular or occasional basis.

From household maintenance to delicious meals, personalized care and convenient parking, the choices are abundant. You’re free to let others handle the cooking and cleaning, while you focus on your priorities and enjoy the freedom that comes with living life on your own terms.

Moving to a Le Groupe Maurice residence is truly an ideal solution for those seeking to simplify their daily life while reaping numerous rewards. From a sense of security to a sense of community, and with convenient access to services and activities, you’ll enjoy a worry-free and fulfilling lifestyle.

For many older people, this phase of life brings a fresh start, full of new possibilities and serenity. It’s a choice to live life to the fullest… each and every day!