Our innovation mindset

The status quo
won’t do

Meeting your expectations by offering you a quality product has never been enough for us. Anticipating your needs and desires, going beyond what you expect – that’s what ultimately makes all the difference when it comes to your experience here. Our desire to innovate drives us to do things differently. Something you’ll feel the moment you arrive in any of our residences!

Going beyond your expectations

All our residences strive to provide you with that little something “extra” to fill you with wonder, make your daily life easier and produce smiles. They therefore feature innovative designs, both inside and out, which are unique to us. You’ll find indoor sandy beaches with light therapy, atriums, large windows, high ceilings, indoor walking paths and much more. You’ll also enjoy proximity or access to several businesses or gardens within the residence. The fact is, each living environment has its own little something to help you enjoy life like never before!

An interconnected environment

Our THÉIA interactive terminals are primarily designed to keep you connected to your living environment. Equipped with a touch screen, they are there to inform, engage and accompany you through many of the little moments in your daily life. The THÉIA service is even available as a mobile application, which can quickly be downloaded to your cell phone. This innovation is part of our desire to more easily share important information and to better communicate with you. Simple to use, the terminals and the app let you consult the menus of the week in the dining room, check the local weather forecast and view the agenda of activities or upcoming events. Updated in real-time, THÉIA allows you to stay “connected” to your residence on a daily basis!

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Innovation at your service

In addition to keeping you up to date with THÉIA, innovation also keeps watch over your health with SOFI, a novel tool allowing our healthcare staff to manage your personal health file. Innovation also is present in the state-of-the-art KINESIK exercise machines to improve your fitness and to prevent falls, while the CUTII social assistance robot can help you communicate with your loved ones, teach you a new language or even accompany you on your morning walk. Has the future come to your residence? You bet!

And we’re about so much more

We are constantly trying to be imaginative and creative in order to come up with ideas before we are forced to. To innovate at Le Groupe Maurice is not to be afraid to dare.
  • Residual materials management program
  • Hiring of foreign employees
  • Luc Maurice Foundation
  • Social and community involvement
  • Sustainable development initiatives
  • ESG principals
  • Leisure profile
  • Customer experience survey
  • And much more!