Optional care services

Autonomy at its best! 

Retirement is a major stage in life, a privileged time where relaxation and pleasure are in the spotlight. To better enjoy this moment, assistance is sometimes necessary. That’s where our care services for autonomous persons comes in. Offered by graduates nurses and nursing assistants 7 days a week, you can count on their care and support when a health concern arises. 

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Taking seriously good care of you 

For more serious health issues, note that most of our residences feature well-equipped care units allowing for short or long-term care, including personalized services, following a nursing assessment. 

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Getting to know you, personally 

A person’s history, habits and hobbies are what make them unique. We believe that knowing our residents well, is the key to offering them the personalized health support they require. 

To this end, we have instituted an annual medical evaluation for all residents. This complete health workup makes it possible to prevent problems before they occur and to follow-up on those already in progress. An intervention plan can then be suggested, if necessary. 

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Optional care services 

Our optional care services are offered as needed to independent residents: 

  • Medication administration and management
  • Help with support stockings
  • Change of bandages and dressings
  • Vital signs and weight measurement
  • Partial bath*
  • Bathing assistance in the apartment or a therapeutic bath*

*Service available in certain residences only. 

Rest and recovery 

The care wings, present in several of our residences, can also accommodate people for short stays. Fully furnished, our units offer the same inclusions as for long-term stays to individuals requiring a little more convalescence time. 

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