Arriving at your residence

You’re on the move!

You are just a few weeks away from moving into your new home! We look forward to welcoming you among us and introducing you to your new life. Here are a few tips to make things easier and so you don’t forget anything.

Preparing for your arrival

To begin with, we’ll make an appointment with you to complete the final details of your lease. You’ll also receive your Le Groupe Maurice Living Guide, which provides you with important details on how the residence is organized and how it operates.

If you wish, our rental team will meet with you to discuss everything regarding your move to ensure a problem-free transition. Finally, a few days before you move in, we will give you the keys to your apartment.

Settle in!

The day you move in, everything will be ready! At reception, we’ll coordinate with your movers while a member of our rental team will accompany you to your apartment. Once there, they’ll review certain features with you, such as how the alarm bells, air conditioning or community TV station work. Someone can even come and install your shelves… or hang your pictures and curtains.

Take a stroll around the residence to get your bearings and visit the common areas. Familiarize yourself with your new environment at your own pace. Remember, there’s no rush.

Don’t be surprised if you already feel comfortable and right at home. This is quite common for many people and a sign that you were more than ready to make this choice! For others, a short adjustment period is necessary, which is completely normal. Each person is unique and will experience this transition in their own way. Know that we have several resources available to help you, so don’t hesitate to express your feelings with your rental manager, the residence general manager or any other person you trust. Any of these individuals will listen to you, and if necessary, direct you towards the right help.

You’re home!

Within two weeks of moving in, the recreation manager will ask you to fill out a questionnaire to learn about your favourite activities and interests. We encourage you to complete it to allows us to create a schedule of activities adapted to the likes and preferences of our residents.

A few weels later, the residence will organize a festive and friendly welcome meeting for all the new residents. This is a terrific opportunity to meet people. Getting comfortable in a new environment is always easier when speaking with people who have gone through the same path as you are now. There’s nothing more reassuring than feeling understood and cared about.