Doing our part

Our responsible and sustainable contribution

The pressing issues caused by climate change demand that we focus on sustainability, collaboration, altruism and empathy without further delay. Together, we must ensure our future and that of our children, to protect what for too long we have taken for granted. Because we want to participate in improving the fate of society, of each individual, of the planet itself… because we want to be more involved, we’re fully embracing the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) philosophy.

Putting theory into practice

Discover our concrete initiatives to lead Le Groupe Maurice towards a more sustainable future!

Waste not,
want not

A legitimate societal issue, proper waste management requires time, energy and reflection. As the owner of numerous residences in Quebec, Le Groupe Maurice is earnestly concerned about the waste it generates. However, despite implementing various good practices, the emergence of new environmental regulations in certain municipalities has the company reviewing its policies. We met with Mr. Marc Ouimet, Assistant Vice President of Asset Management, Operations and Sustainable Development, to discuss his plan for waste management.

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We love to eat what’s local

Eating locally is of major importance to us and also a winning choice for residents, thanks to our Orientation fraîcheur program. A large proportion of Le Groupe Maurice’s agri-food shopping basket comes directly from our proud local producers. Fresh and succulent products that are then prepared on site by our very own chefs.

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Opting for 100% recycled materials to reduce deforestation

At Le Groupe Maurice, we made the decision several years ago to produce all of our printed materials using 100% recycled paper that meets or exceeds FSC standards. These norms ensure that the materials and products come from verified and responsible sources which comply with rigorous environmental and social requirements.

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Taking charge in the recycling of electronics


By consolidating all computer recycling operations with a single Quebec-based supplier, we simplify the process and optimize results. In addition, by prioritizing lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries, we significantly increase the lifespan of our electronic equipment – even if the cost is higher. For us, it’s essential that a minimum of computer components end up in our landfills.

Contributing to healthy aging

Every year, the Luc Maurice Foundation commits to supporting causes and organizations that encourage and promote healthy aging for seniors. How? By supporting projects that are essential to their well-being, such as health, socialization and community involvement. In fact, the Foundation plans to build 1,000 social housing units for low-income seniors by 2025! This commitment directly addresses the fight against social isolation, depression and vulnerability among seniors.

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Toward a world without ageism

Shedding light on ageism is one of many Le Groupe Maurice missions. Indeed, this social phenomenon has several aspects which must be tackled to curb the widening social gap between the elderly and the rest of the population. This is why we’ve created a special campaign called “I Am A Senior of Tomorrow”, with the aim of raising awareness and offering possible solutions to overcome ageism and its devastating consequences. Because yes, it’s by choosing to get involved in the cause of seniors that we will ultimately make a difference in society!

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