6 questions to Olivier Tibika,
General Manager of Cornelius


Having worked in the hotel industry, Olivier Tibika has long dreamed of creating and managing his own team, an opportunity he considers a great privilege. At Cornelius, the new seniors’ residence being built at the corner of Van Horne and Darlington avenues in Montreal, Olivier found the opportunity to fulfill his dream and follow his passion for customer service.


Olivier, why did you choose to work at Le Groupe Maurice?

Olivier Tibika: About 10 years ago, I met a manager who had left the hotel industry to work in the private seniors’ residences sector. From then on, I began observing the sector and how it’s been evolving. When we were hit by the pandemic in March 2020, I saw an opportunity to reorient my career. I did some research on Le Groupe Maurice, and I heard only positive things about it. So I sent in my application for the position of general director of the Ambiance residence on Nuns’ Island.


What made you decide to continue your career at Cornelius?

Olivier Tibika: When the managers at Le Groupe Maurice approached me about Cornelius, I was thrilled. Participating in the opening of an establishment of this kind had been a dream of mine. I wanted to live that experience and add it to my repertoire of knowledge.


What motivates you about the idea of managing a new residence?

Olivier Tibika: I get the privilege to put together my own team. It’s the dream of any manager. I’m also very eager to welcome the residents to their new home. It’s important to me that they feel at home at Cornelius.


Do you see your previous work in the hotel industry as an asset?

Olivier Tibika: Absolutely. Running a hotel is very similar to managing a seniors’ residence. But since the residents aren’t just passing through, the customer experience needs to be pushed to the maximum. Residents notice all the details. That forces us to aim for excellence. We need to be alert to everything—there’s no cutting corners! But getting back to the question, my career path has allowed me to develop a strong commitment to delivering excellent customer service. I’m a person who seeks perfection. If you stagnate, you fall behind: that’s my motto.


Olivier, you’ve played soccer for a long time. Has that influenced the way you look at work?

Olivier Tibika: Yes. I know the value of having a team. On my own, I’m nothing. Mobilizing employees toward a common objective is my goal. That’s how we’ll achieve the results we want. And we’ll see those results in the smiles of our residents.


Speaking of residents, do you have a message for the future residents of Cornelius?

Olivier Tibika: The entire team can’t wait to welcome them to their new home. Cornelius is a magnificent building where residents will be able to access a whole range of services without stepping outside. At the shopping complex, they’ll get the chance to interact with the community. On the terraces, they’ll get to take in breathtaking views of the city and its attractions. I already have several projects in mind. In short, the people who will call Cornelius home will benefit from an excellent living environment. We truly can’t wait to see them there!


Thank you, Olivier!