Celebrating you in a big way, today and forever


As you know, we have long been advocates for seniors at Le Groupe Maurice. Today, this is even more true. Your actions, your struggles and your words have not only shaped who we are, but also who we will be tomorrow. Your courage over the years, particularly over the past year, gives me faith in human beings, in our resilience and in our solidarity. Thank you for continuing to spark ideas in me, for brightening my daily life, for teaching me, but most of all, for enriching my life with memorable moments.

So, on this day that is yours, I wanted to give meaning to my words—and to our actions—with lots of hype, so that, each day a little more, we can celebrate your past contributions, but also those to come.

In your honour of this, today we are launching the next phase of our I am tomorrow’s senior advertising campaign. This time, the objective is to remind you of the importance of never forgetting what we have just gone through with the pandemic, because, whether we like it or not, we will all be seniors one day.

On October 1, we are celebrating who you are to us. Continuing our crusade against ageism is now of paramount importance. By educating, sensitizing and informing the public about this form of discrimination, by making them think and hopefully change some of their behaviours, we strongly believe that we are moving towards a future of respect, empathy and consideration for others.

Happy National Seniors Day to everyone!