Cibèle: The floor and unit selector is here


Do you live in or around Saint-Hyacinthe? Then you must surely know that a brand new Le Groupe Maurice residence will be opening its doors in 2024! Located within the heart of a variety of quality shops and services, Cibèle will boast 362 modern apartments spread over 14 floors. You can use the residence’s unit selector right now to choose an apartment that’s perfect for you!

Cibèle: The unit selector is now online

Starting your retirement off on the right foot, is an important step in life – especially when you decide to live in a residence! Le Groupe Maurice is well aware of this, which is why we provide you with a helpful floor and unit selector!

This online tool offers you and other future residents, the possibility to shop for your future home, right from the comfort of your current home. The floor and unit selector allows you to refine even your search using specific filters: Do you prefer one or two bedrooms? A shower rather than a tub? A sunny living room in the morning, rather than in the afternoon? Everything you want to visualize about your future apartment is available for you to see!

Cibèle residence enjoys a prime location in a warm and dynamic city. You’ll find it situated near the Honoré Mercier Hospital, a Maxi, Saint-Hyacinthe Galeries and much more. The exquisite common areas and contemporary apartments let you focus on the essentials of your retirement. The wonderful green spaces and comfortable panoramic lounge are designed with your relaxation and socialization in mind. Cibèle is here to ensure that you enjoy each day of your retirement life!

With so much going for it, demand for Cibèle’s coveted apartments will likely be strong. Using the floor and unit selector will help you pinpoint the apartment that’s right for you; including the possibility to even choose finishes for your furniture! All at your own relaxed pace.

Stay tuned… you’re virtually there

The best is still to come! In addition to the floor and unit selector, the virtual tour of the entire residence will be available soon. With that, you’ll be able visualize Cibèle step by step, as if you were there! Please note that the rental office will be open in early 2023. We will keep you informed of the apartment rates as soon as possible!


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