“Dans quelques aînés” podcast premieres its latest episodes


Seniors often find themselves at the heart of societal and political issues, but few of them are ever asked for their opinions. With the launch of two new episodes of the “Dans quelques aînés “podcast”, Le Groupe Maurice continues its mission to give seniors a voice to express their points of view and ideas on subjects that concern them. 

Since its creation in the fall of 2021, the podcast has increasingly been raising awareness about better ageing. In these episodes, Mr. Luc Maurice brings together an expert and a senior citizen to discuss important societal issues directly affecting today’s elderly. 

Episode 7: The reason for being 

The theme of Episode 7 deals with the subject of purpose for the elderly. Just as with our passions, our purpose also evolves with age. It makes us ask ourselves if the key moments in our lives, such as retirement, contribute to this change? How can these periods lead us to question our reason for being, our usefulness, our priorities… ultimately, our very happiness? To answer these questions, Luc Maurice invited Dominic Bourdages, Vice-president at CROP polling, and Huguette Myre who lives in the iVVi residence. 


“The reason for being is to feel ‘alive’. To feel that you are a participant and not just a passenger on the bus. We often think of purpose as being singular, but an individual can have many purposes.” – Dominic Bourdages 

“It’s ultimately your well-being. Be well and experience many moments of happiness. This is why it’s so important to have a passion in your life. In retirement and even before! – Huguette Myre

To learn more about this inspiring and captivating notion, listen to the episode now (in French only)! 

Episode 8: The elderly at work 

Episode 8 tackles a particularly relevant subject: seniors who continue to work, or seniors who return to the workplace after retiring. Several important questions are raised. Why do some seniors resume a professional activity later in life? What are the benefits for businesses? What can be done to create an inclusive environment for the elderly? To discuss this subject, Luc Maurice speaks with Raymond Dalbec, 77, a former retiree who now works as a real estate broker, and Éric Sedent, consultant for the Ability Has No Age program and a specialized trainer in social gerontology (the study of old age). 

“It’s rewarding when you can give a few hours during a week or on a weekend from time to time to help where there’s a lack of resources.” – Raymond Dalbec 

“Having an ecosystem that allows an individual with experience to thrive is Job 1 for human resources or small business employers. That, and to fight against preconceived ideas.” – Eric Sedent

To listen to this interesting episode about the elderly at work, click here (in French only)! 


Understanding the way seniors’ view major societal issues is essential. In doing so, we discover many diverse opinions so that we may reflect on the way the elderly live and how they feel; in effect, putting ourselves in their shoes. To discover other podcast episodes and to learn more about the podcast, visit « Dans quelques aînés » (in French only).

Happy listening!