From words to action


Facing global collective hardships such as a pandemic, a war, or climate issues, ultimately leads us to question our values and behaviours. It also prompts us to defend certain causes more fervently and to try to make a difference in society. This, among other things, allow us to change… to evolve. Now more than ever, we at Le Groupe Maurice feel the relevance of becoming more deeply involved, and after a period of reflection, have officially decided to subscribe to the ESG philosophy. It’s high time to move from words to actions.


Not sure what the acronym stands for? ESG denotes the Environmental, Social and Governance factors that should influence every decision and action of business leaders and their employees.
You can learn a great deal more about the ESG philosophy in our latest issue of The Innovator.


In my opinion, priority must be given to taking action to improve our greatly affected community. The size of the effort itself is not what’s important. What matters most is that it be positive and set forth with worthwhile intention. Within our team, we have thus revisited some of our ways of doing things. This approach will be advantageous for both the health of the company and the happiness of its residents and employees.


ESG is therefore not our new cause; it’s simply a culmination of our evolution.


Realizing our vision…

That said, what’s encouraging, is that even before we became familiar with ESG philosophy, we were already applying it on a daily basis. In other words, it runs through our veins. Environmental, social and governance criteria have always been important, as they are part of who we are and guide our development. The creation of the Luc Maurice Foundation a few years ago is a prime example of this; as is our concern for parity and inclusion within our teams or the construction of LEED residences.

I sincerely believe that the official adherence of Groupe Maurice to these principles will make our actions even more effective, as they will now weigh in the balance of each of our decisions. Our agility will certainly be one of our best assets in this regard. Moreover, we have already created an ESG committee within the Group to ensure our vision translates into concrete actions.


Giving momentum to a collective movement…

By also publicly displaying the Group’s intentions and initiatives, we’ll be promoting this philosophy, which stresses the importance of thinking “further and greater than oneself”. We want to place ESG at the heart of all our decisions and motivate our teams to do more. And if we can mobilize and influence other companies or organizations along the way, all the better Together, we can create a movement exerting higher basic standards, which will certainly influence the decision-makers and the future of this world.

No one can claim to be perfect. On the other hand, we can always improve, individually and collectively.

Are you ready to act? Then do it. The era of apathy is over… we can no longer afford to be passive. Let’s join hands and evolve together toward a future that accepts our differences, respects them, and reveres them as never before!


Luc Maurice