FAMILEO: Technology that brings joy to grandparents


On April 12, Le Groupe Maurice launched the Famileo project for Signature residents at 30 retirement complexes. Several weeks into the launch, we’re pleased to see that residents and their families have enthusiastically embraced the initiative!

What is Famileo?

Developed in France and introduced in Quebec by the firm Eugeria, Famileo is a personalized paper newsletter that includes family news, grandkids’ photos, anecdotes, happy memories and more. The whole family contributes to creating the newsletter, which is then mailed to grandma and grandpa. This technological initiative was designed to help strengthen ties between residents and their families.

The concept is simple: the family posts photos and messages addressed to their loved one via a mobile app. All the content is then automatically formatted and printed in the form of a paper newsletter, which is distributed weekly to Le Groupe Maurice Signature residents.


An entire community contributes

The Famileo project, which is headed by Marc Ouimet, Assistant Vice President, Operations and Related Services, has received an overwhelmingly positive response from families and staff.

Since the launch, nearly 1,000 family members have signed up, 1,349 messages have been published and 135 newsletters have already been produced and printed. In just 2 weeks, 48% of families of Signature residents signed up for the initiative!

“This is a superb project and families are signing up without hesitation. I got the chance to see one resident’s newsletter. You could see her great-grandson who lives in Australia, the family dog, the lyrics to a Charles Aznavour song dedicated to her by her daughter—I was moved to tears. What’s fantastic is that staff read the newsletter together with the resident. Sharing the latest family news suddenly becomes an easy way to build connections. It’s an enormous success!” says Émilie Casey, Director of Sales – Operations.

But families aren’t the only ones sharing news on the mobile app. Staff also share daily life at the residences with all the families in addition to personal messages, photos and the first impressions of the residents when they receive their freshly printed newsletters.

We can’t wait to share more information with you about this initiative and show you our residents’ first impressions. Stay tuned for more news about Famileo!