Father’s day:
I see it through you


Dear Dads,

I will never know what it’s like to see yourself, through your child. To feel your heart sink when they come home from school in tears, or feel it swell with pride at their victories.

But I see it through you.

I see you feeling strong emotions. The powerful force of unconditional love. The almost irrational and idealistic desire to want the most beautiful, most kindest… and most wonderful for your children. Your “always wanting the most” is so deep, visceral and glorious, that I am in constant awe and admiration of you.

Dearest grandfathers, thank you for having paved the way. Thank you for defining yourselves, assuming yourselves and for being a constant in your children’s lives, every day. The presence of a father, so essential to our stability, helps us all to build an even better world. I wish that you perpetuate your greatness, never stop learning, and above all, fully-cherish the honour of being called “Dad”.

Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers!

Luc Maurice