From Kilimanjaro to mont Rigaud: $3,022 further!


Inspired by Alain Champagne’s Kilimanjaro ascent last February, the residents and department heads at Le Félix initiated their own challenge, raising $1,511 for the Amélie Champagne Fund.

The Luc Maurice Foundation’s employee matching program doubled the amount, and a cheque for $3,022 was presented to Alain Champagne the week after he returned from Tanzania. Touched by the two major challenges undertaken by the participants, he was more than grateful that the Amélie Champagne Fund had been enriched by this symbolic gesture.

“As soon as we heard about Alain Champagne’s Kilimanjaro climb, we immediately wanted to get involved. We spent the month of February raising awareness about Lyme disease and launched a fundraising campaign via the ‘’Dons Partage du Félix’’ program headed by residents,” explains Olivier Michaud, the residence’s General Manager.

To raise funds, we organized two challenges: a 20‑km virtual bike-a-thon, in which 10 residents participated, held on March 1, and the Mont Rigaud ascent by the residence’s department heads, held on March 11. In addition to that, Le Félix’s pharmacist gave a lecture on Lyme disease and a resident donated one of her paintings to be raffled off among the donors.

“What I’m most proud of is the solidarity among residents and employees alike at Le Félix. These exceptional experiences showed me an unparalleled level of involvement, courage and enthusiasm on the part of the participants. On the day of the Mont Rigaud ascent, in particular, the temperature had dropped drastically after a stretch of mild weather. Nobody was expecting the trails to be so icy! It was freezing and climbing condition were nasty, but the climbers made it to the top, thanks to mutual support and joint efforts,” says Olivier Michaud.

“I would like to thank everyone involved in preparing the cheque presentation ceremony for Alain Champagne. The event was a special moment for Le Félix, and a very touching one for everyone who was present. I’d also like to take a moment to thank the residents behind the Dons Partage project for their exceptional involvement, Dominique, our recreation manager, for overseeing the bike-a-thon logistics and organization, and all those who participated in the two challenges! Together, we can achieve so many great things. Bravo, everyone!”

For those who are curious, a video footage of both challenges is available. You can watch the bike-a-thon HERE, and the Mont Rigaud ascent HERE! This initiative was also the subject of an article in the local newspaper and a report broadcast on Noovo Info. Enjoy!