Handing the mic over to seniors


I am very pleased to announce that Le Groupe Maurice is launching its first podcast series today! This fantastic project, in which I participated as host, has brought me a great deal of happiness, simply because I met some fabulous people, had some exciting conversations, and finally, seniors were given a forum to speak their mind.

As you know, seniors are very often at the heart of societal issues and debates, especially in the last two years. Everyone has an opinion, but to my dismay, seniors, the very people who are most affected, are not often given a voice.

With our podcast “Dans quelques aînés,” we wanted to do just that: offer a platform to this generation, which is sometimes reserved, but which has a lot to say and solutions to propose.

We must continue the fight

What’s great about this project is that it’s part of our initiatives surrounding our crusade against ageism, which also includes, among other things, the company’s latest marketing campaign and the publication of our magazine The Innovator. There is no doubt that denouncing this form of discrimination serves to raise public awareness… but also the awareness of seniors! They need to realize what is happening around them, to be as concerned as we are and to take responsibility. We can never force them to take the place they deserve in society; they must, with or without our help, stand up and express without qualms what needs to change. With the podcast “Dans quelques aînés,” we give them the opportunity to do just that.

Podcast “Dans quelques aînés”

This summer, we recorded six wonderful episodes dealing with various topics concerning the reality of seniors. Far from prejudices and without bias, the series proposes to stir up ideas to advance their cause, in a context where, as we know, our elderly population grows every year. In this intimate and very friendly format, it’s seniors who are at the heart of the discussion, the thoughts and the solutions that emerge from the dialogue.

Renowned experts, such as Karel Mayrand, President and CEO of the Foundation of Greater Montreal, and Richard Bergeron, urban planner and former head of Projet Montréal, took to the microphone to talk with me and a senior. The least we can say is that all of them, each time, had plenty to say. What I remembered most of all was that the major societal issues, as well as the fate of the elderly, are of great concern to people, much more than I thought. The discussions were, to my great delight, animated, passionate and truly enriching.

It’s not only young people who have a role to play in major social issues. Seniors have lived and learned… so why not pay more attention to them?

I sincerely hope that this first series of podcasts will resonate with seniors, both today and tomorrow.

Be sure to listen!

Check out all 8 episodes of the podcast HERE (French only).