IUGM Foundation Gala: A memorable tribute to Luc Maurice


The Dégustation-Découvertes gala was held last Wednesday (March 22), organized by the Foundation of the Montreal University Geriatric Institute (IUGM). Although this event typically serves to raise funds for scientific research, this year also provided an opportunity to pay tribute to the contributions and unswerving commitment of its outgoing Board Chair, Luc Maurice. In this article, we look back on a wonderful and emotion-filled evening of philanthropy!

An emotion-filled evening

The IUGM Foundation actively supports the Institute’s development and scientific research across Canada. Each year, a range of “better ageing” projects are launched, thanks not only to donors’ remarkable contributions, but also to the hard work of the Board members and the Chair.

With over 400 guests in attendance, the gala collected more than $275,000 under the auspices of the Foundation’s annual fundraising program. This crucial assistance will make it possible to contribute to research projects and initiatives designed to optimize seniors’ quality of life—goals that tie in with the Foundation’s core mission.

The event was also noteworthy for its magnificent tribute to Luc Maurice, who will be passing the torch to the new Chair after nearly 10 years! Since taking up his Board duties, Luc Maurice has harboured great ambitions for the IUGM Foundation. In addition to showing tireless support for ageing research, he took concrete steps to ensure that the Foundation has the resources it needs to carry out its work and activities aimed at improving seniors’ living conditions and personal health. It bears repeating that the Foundation’s values and mission are perfectly aligned with those of Le Groupe Maurice. Indeed, the strength of their partnership quickly became evident.

As Luc Maurice makes way for Jean-François Rioux after nearly a decade of loyal service, the Foundation would like to thank him for his commitment to, and his positive impact on, IUGM and the cause of seniors. Board members, business partners, family members and Le Groupe Maurice employees and residents all attended the gala as a token of their affection and gratitude.


High-impact initiatives

In keeping with his philosophy, Luc Maurice gave 100% throughout his tenure as Chair as he sought to raise awareness among his private and professional acquaintances alike. Since he took up his duties as Chair, $647,331 in donations were made via his own foundation, along with approximately $813,500 from Le Groupe Maurice itself.

In 2012, Luc Maurice successfully raised $600,000 for the construction of an amphitheatre at the Institute to facilitate the holding of larger-scale gatherings. All told, over $2,060,800 was raised while he served as Chair!

And these generous contributions don’t stop there! Seeking to improve seniors’ health and to promote their status and socialization, Luc Maurice raised awareness further still by bringing together COGIR, Chartwell and Le Groupe Maurice in 2015/2016 to organize PartÂge, a large-scale networking event at which the main actors in Quebec’s senior housing sector share their expertise. All proceeds go to Centre AvantÂge, which publishes the results of IUGM’s most recent scientific research.


Future-focused projects

While Luc Maurice may be leaving his position as Chair, his dearest wish is that the IUGM Foundation will continue to promote its humanist goals in pursuit of excellence while advancing scientific research and thus enhancing seniors’ well-being across Quebec.

To be sure, seniors’ quality of life has been improving. Still, it is important for us not to rest on our laurels or become complacent with the status quo. Growing old is a privilege and Luc Maurice clearly intends to keep on fulfilling his mission. For instance, he plans to begin building 1,000 social housing units for low-income seniors by 2025 with a view to providing an affordable and comfortable living environment for the elderly, who all too often suffer from social isolation and depression.

If you would also like to support organizations working with seniors, please be sure to visit the website of the IUGM Foundation or the Luc Maurice Foundation. We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Luc Maurice for his invaluable involvement and unswerving commitment. You inspire us each and every day and we hope you will continue to do so for many years to come!


Without any further ado, here is the video paying tribute to Luc Maurice:

Photo Credit: Zabellphoto inc.