The senior’s gala is back!


This year, Le Groupe Maurice renewed its partnership with the Just For Laughs comedy festival to present the Seniors’ Gala, a stand-up comedy show featuring our residents.


After the smashing success of 2017’s Les retraités en spectacle and the first Seniors’ Gala in 2019, Le Groupe Maurice’s stand-up comedy shows were back for a third time on July 24 with the 2022 Seniors’ Gala, featuring 11 residents who were ready to make the public laugh out loud.

For several weeks, residents at various Le Groupe Maurice residences have been eagerly preparing for their one-time act at the Théâtre Jean Duceppe. Under the guidance of Patrick Tremblay, a professor at Quebec’s comedy school (the ENH), our stand-up comics participated in exercises on writing, controlling emotions and character presentation. The experience has been so gratifying that some of the participants were back for their third show.

But who are these brave performers who aren’t afraid to take centre stage? Here are their names and their residences:

  • Pierre Brassard, Vast
  • Gilbert Bouchard, Floréa
  • Germain Bouchard, Floréa
  • Cécile Carbonneau, Elogia
  • Micheline Letellier, Elogia
  • Madeleine Meloche, L’Image d’Outremont
  • Huguette Myre, iVVi
  • Reginald Pelletier, Les Verrières du Golf
  • Jean-Guy Plante, Elogia
  • Madeleine Roy, Elogia
  • Françoise Sauriol, Floréa


Needless to say, the show was a huge success. In front of family, friends and neighbors, they took to the stage to deliver their act with brio and confidence. The echoes of applause and hugs still resound at the Jean-Duceppe Theatre. Congratulations!


Look for Le Groupe Maurice at Just For Laughs

The Seniors’ Gala isn’t the only event putting seniors in the spotlight at the 40th anniversary of Just For Laughs.

Le Groupe Maurice’s VIP box in front of the Beneva Stage at the Place des Festivals, where a large variety of acts will perform between July 21 and 30, will offer great spots for watching the shows free of charge to visitors aged 65 or over. So drop in, get comfortable and enjoy the laughs! Look for our ambassadors at the event to take advantage of this offer.


A fuller picture of ageing

From July 21, Le Groupe Maurice invites visitors at the Just For Laughs festival to become more aware of the issues surrounding ageism with a photo booth like no other! The installation brings our Tomorrow’s Senior campaign to life by allowing visitors to “step into the skin” of their future self and see how they’ll look when they’re seniors. Located near the main stage on Sainte-Catherine Street, it will be accessible from 6 to 11 p.m.

And it’s for a good cause! Post your photo on social media with the hashtag #jesuislainededemain. For each share, the Luc Maurice Foundation will donate $2 to an organization that works with seniors. We hope to see you there!