Le Groupe Maurice dispels myths about age


As of March 7, a new phase of the I am tomorrow’s senior ad campaign will be launched. After having raised public awareness of ageism with last fall’s campaign, Le Groupe Maurice is pursuing its commitment, this time, by dispelling the myths about seniors. To overcome ageism, we believe it’s important for everyone to be aware of the diversity of old age, because each senior is unique.

I am a senior of tomorrow

Today, you can see the two commercials released last fall featuring Julie LeBreton and Gregory Charles on television. Le Groupe Maurice wanted to illustrate the fact that the passage of time is stronger than anything else, and that it would be nice to stop and recognize that we will all be seniors one day.

New initiatives have also been launched to continue the awareness efforts to inform and, hopefully, incite changes in certain behaviours.

Following the success of the previous edition, we have designed a new version of the ageism quiz. It’s an interactive invitation to test your knowledge and demystify certain false beliefs about old age. It will only take you a few minutes to answer the 10 questions in the quiz and to differentiate between myth and reality when it comes to age. Take the quiz and share your results! For each completed quiz, the Luc Maurice Foundation will donate $2 to an organization that works with seniors.*

“Ageism is a complex, misunderstood and subtle problem. We need to talk about it, to demystify it. Since aging is everyone’s business, we have to address the issue now and take action to help today’s seniors, as well as the seniors of future generations.” —Véronique Proulx, Brand Director

“Paparmane” capsules, a coffee chat to demystify ageism

Host Jean-Pier Gravel met with Le Groupe Maurice residents to demystify their reality.  He spoke with them about matters such as love, time and friendship. Unique, funny and touching moments were shared while filming. The result? The “Paparmanes” video capsules that you can enjoy throughout the campaign. The 1st capsule on the theme of love is already available. Stay tuned – new capsules will be released in March on the website Jesuislaînédemain.com.

Visit jesuislainededemain.com today to learn more.



*Up to $25,000