Le Groupe Maurice Manifesto – Ageing is living


Le Groupe Maurice has been in existence for 25 years now. During all this time, our focus has been on enhancing the lives of retirees and promoting better ageing in our society. Our steadfast commitment to these values and principles has helped us to solidify our identity. To mark this 25th Anniversary, we’ve decided to give ourselves a special gift: our Manifesto, a short video encapsulating our mission and deep beliefs which offers a glimpse into the essence of who we are at Le Groupe Maurice. We present it to you here today!



A Manifesto… and a Gift 

Le Groupe Maurice relies on enduring human values that have remained unchanged for over 25 years. Throughout this time, many people have become a part of this vision. Devoted individuals who share the same beliefs – and want more than anything – to contribute towards creating a company that’s dedicated to restoring social balance by recognizing the crucial role played by seniors in our community.

“Our commitment to promoting better ageing and helping seniors continue to thrive on a daily basis, is a fundamental part of our purpose. This Manifesto exemplifies our mission that guides and inspires each of our actions,” says Alain Champagne, President and CEO of Le Groupe Maurice.

With this video, we are reaffirming our commitments and preparing for the future by reminding ourselves that Ageing, is living. Without acknowledging this salient fact, we believe that positive change and progress towards a better world would not be possible.

Through this Manifesto we’re presenting to you today, we are solidifying our identity – the one that we embrace and defend. The one that has earned us a strong reputation to this very day. It’s an identity that we have built together, with heart and passion, over the past 25 years,” summarizes Rita Kataroyan, Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

Enjoy watching it everyone!