Le Groupe Maurice renews its partnership with I Musici

Like music to our ears, Le Groupe Maurice is thrilled to announce the renewal of its partnership with the Quebecois chamber orchestra, I Musici, for another year filled with harmonious concerts, community outreach and musical favourites!

Music for everyone

For 40 years now, the I Musici de Montréal Chamber Orchestra has been showcasing its artistry around the globe. 40 years of musical passion, daring rhythms and delicate sounds that resonate with audiences of all ages. To mark this special anniversary, the orchestra has decided to honour its talented musicians. This diverse program beautifully showcases these extraordinary artists and enables the audience to genuinely experience the synergy between the musicians, the instruments, and the conductor.

Just as in past seasons, I Musici continues to promote art accessibility and the spread of music through cultural outreach activities, in which Le Groupe Maurice is partnering for a second consecutive year.

“It is both a pleasure and an honour to renew our partnership with I Musici. The concerts and activities from last year were such a hit among our residents that it was unthinkable not to repeat the experience this year!” explains Véronique Proulx, Brand Director at Le Groupe Maurice.

Moreover, the influence of the Quebecker orchestra extends even further! Its initiatives and mentoring program are designed to combat social isolation and strengthen bonds of solidarity among people. The organization also engages in activities within CHSLDs and disadvantaged communities to foster artistic development and a fondness for music.

“These ideals of innovation, inclusion and equality are in perfect harmony with those of Le Groupe Maurice. This is why we take pride in collaborating with the I Musici Orchestra and presenting our residents such a varied program,” commented Aude Dailly and John Conway, Recreation Advisors at Le Groupe Maurice.

A flawless program to set the tone

This year’s activity schedule is once again well-orchestrated! Quartet concerts will take place on-site throughout the season, delighting the elderly with music and bringing them together for a special event.

In addition to these workshops, discounted tickets for performances in the official program will be available, aiming to introduce a broader repertoire of musical works to the music-loving residents!

And that’s not all! A few lucky individuals will also get the chance to exclusively attend the orchestra’s rehearsals, gaining a behind-the-scenes glimpse into this esteemed organization, under the direction of Maestro Jean-François Rivest.

If music resonates within you like Ode to Joy, don’t hesitate to visit the I Musici website to learn more about the 2023-2024 program; or contact us to inquire about the schedule of events organized at Le Groupe Maurice.

Long live music and long live the I Musici Orchestra!