Le Groupe Maurice’s website gets a makeover!


It’s often said that first impressions are the most important. This turns out to be even more relevant when we realize what a key role the Internet plays in people’s lives nowadays! So, to meet the needs of future residents and to offer them the best possible online experience, Le Groupe Maurice decided to revamp its website. Now you can learn (or relearn) all about our expertise, our mission and our core values thanks to a brand-new dynamic platform that’s designed with the seniors of today—and tomorrow—in mind! 

New and improved platform to meet your needs 

After a few weeks of thinking things over, selecting images, writing, and developing, we finally settled on a new design for Le Groupe Maurice’s website, to ensure a more enjoyable online experience for everyone. 

More user-friendly 

The individual webpages have been personalized to reflect the specific personality of each residential complex. Thanks to a combination of concise writing, clear images and high-quality videos, users can learn about our service offer, with no technological problems. Photo sessions were also organized in our residences to give a more tangible picture of living at Le Groupe Maurice.  

More intuitive 

The website structure, search tool and access functions have been streamlined so users can easily find what they are looking for and decide whether Le Groupe Maurice will meet their needs and those of their loved ones. 

Staying true to who we really are 

The newly designed website also showcases Le Groupe Maurice’s mission, vision, and core values. Thanks to a new graphic design and clear information, Le Groupe Maurice’s sterling reputation is on full display. To show people who we really are, we decided to tap into the potential of the visual arts by creating an inspirational short video entitled Manifesto. 

Posted on our home page, this video serves not only to enhance our brand image, but also to reaffirm our commitments and beliefs for the benefit of all Internet users. 

We hope you’ll enjoy our new website and that you’ll be inspired to find out more about Le Groupe Maurice. Happy browsing!