Making the elderly proud of us


We share with you the word of Mr. Maurice included in the Annual Report of the Luc Maurice Foundation, published in March 2021. This year, more than ever, the work carried out by the Foundation for the better aging of Quebecers is taking its full meaning.

In 2020, the global health crisis has taught us, in an unfortunate and painful way, that our society is not equipped to meet the needs of the aging population. Furthermore, in the years to come, the number of seniors in Quebec will experience major growth. It goes without saying, that if no deliberate action is soon taken, we will be faced with – once the waves of the pandemic have subsided – a veritable tsunami of societal issues linked, directly or indirectly, to the elderly.

This year, I have seen our society grapple with the weaknesses of a system where gaps and oversights have been identified many times over in the past. This was to be expected, in large part, due to the persistent prejudices regarding older people and aging; one of the most accepted and commonplace forms of discrimination in our society. Fortunately, this was finally identified and called out. Truth be told, ageism is undoubtedly the main reason for the lack of resources and services dedicated to seniors.

And so, we’ve hit a brick wall.

We have reached a point of no return, which now requires us to finally join forces to find lasting solutions and end generational inequalities. This is where the Luc Maurice Foundation takes on its full meaning, and we want to do our part to build the fundamentals of a society where aging is no longer seen as providence, but instead, as privilege.

The job of a foundation such as ours is to break down the barriers and obstacles which present so many challenges to aging well in our society. We tend to forget that by taking care of the elderly today, we are also taking care of all of us tomorrow. We are thus working to appreciate the valuable contributions of seniors and to encourage kindness towards all people, regardless of their age. Let’s work together so that the seniors of today and tomorrow are proud of what Quebec can offer them. Let’s show them that as a society we recognize them for their true worth, so that they are as proud of us, as we are of them.

Luc Maurice

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