Mother’s day:
On July 23, 1956, my mother became a mother.


On July 23, 1956, my mother became a mother. My first moments in this world were spent as one with her, as she embarked into the arena of motherhood. She lived up to this noble role, fulfilling the great promise she had made to herself – to make her son a good person.

Like with any young mother, as my confidence and abilities progressed, so too did hers. My joys were her joys; my pains and sorrows, too. My mother learned to be a mother at the same time I was learning to be me. I had come into this world without a manual (Lord knows how much she would have wished for one!). It was her selflessness that instilled in me generosity, resilience and the importance of living life to the fullest.

To all the women in this world who have learned to be mothers, by blood or by heart, with sores on their knees, through heartaches and graduations – I salute you. Since every day of our lives has compelled you to love more than just yourself, to watch over us through the days and nights, to nurture our bodies and our souls… every moment should be dedicated to honouring you.

To all mothers, I wish you an unforgettable day, worthy of everything you have empowered us to experience, beginning with life itself.


Luc Maurice