Myriam Loranger: Happiness is in the details


Myriam Loranger has held the position of executive director of Les Résidences du Marché since June 2020. Attracted by Le Groupe Maurice’s authentic core values, this flame-haired young woman attaches great importance to happiness – and to details!

Ms. Loranger, just over a year ago you joined our big, beautiful family. Tell us a little about your professional journey.

Myriam Loranger : I come from a background in fitness centres. I worked for several years at Énergie Cardio. That company convinced me that there are business people who are in it for the right reasons. That was eye-opening, and I see a lot of similarities with Le Groupe Maurice. For me, group strength is powerful! I enjoy collaborating with other managers who have different histories, different paths. I think it’s fantastic! Because I came to a point where I wanted to give more meaning to my career, I applied to Le Groupe Maurice. Here I can find the values that are important to me around a unified vision. During the hiring process, I was blown away by people’s kindness, their profound warmth and their genuine investment in seniors.

What are your core values as executive director?

Myriam Loranger : Working with seniors is a great and wonderful responsibility. It’s also a great honour. When they come to us, they’re often leaving a house filled with memories, so they’re experiencing a loss. The fact that they choose us for the next chapter of their story is an enormous privilege! So it would be hard to sum up my thinking in a few words, because society has diluted them over time. I would choose kindness, sincerity, honesty, humanity. As executive director, I have deep respect for this bond of trust that the residents confer on us. I want every day to be great for them. And that can happen with a genuine smile, a warm hello – in short, with a lot of little details.

And do you look for these values in your colleagues and employees?

Myriam Loranger : Certainly. I don’t expect them to be perfect. First and foremost, I look for authenticity. I want builders who wish to contribute to Les Résidences du Marché through their creativity and sincerity. We’re proud that Le Groupe Maurice’s history started here in Sainte-Thérèse. We have a particular flavour, a unique identity. Employees choose us for our warmth, our energy, our ambiance – or our vibe, as young people say.

As executive director, what experience do you want to provide to the residents?

Myriam Loranger : I’d like to see residents smiling from the moment the day starts. I want everything to be pleasant, easy, enjoyable and safe for them. On a day-to-day basis, they should experience little and big “wows.” The various considerations shown by our team, like bringing the newspaper or leaving a nice note at their door, contribute to the happiness of the people who live here. Plus, they’re still always surprised that we know the names of all 246 residents! Often managers don’t pay attention to details. That’s too bad, because I sincerely believe that’s what makes all the difference. Not only do we make our residents happier thanks to these details, but they also help us create a unique living environment where it’s good to live and work. I want to create a residence with the highest gross happiness index!

Les Résidences du Marché are often considered the jewel of Sainte-Thérèse. Why is that, in your opinion?

Myriam Loranger : Because it’s a hidden treasure! We’re situated right next to a residential heritage neighbourhood. Almost all of our employees walk to work with their coffee because they live close by. What’s more, we have numerous residents whose parents lived here. I tend to think that we have a good reputation if members of the same family choose us again! In addition, visitors are always surprised by the human warmth that prevails within our walls. We often hear about the soul of the residence, and it’s true: it has its own energy, its own unique ambiance!

Thank you, Ms. Loranger, for this enjoyable interview. Your enthusiasm and dedication are a huge source of inspiration.