Olivier Tibika is Ambiance’s new General Manager


Located right at the entrance to Nuns’ Island, the Ambiance residence by Le Groupe Maurice offers a distinguished and exclusive living environment. Olivier Tibika, the residence’s new General Manager, brings extensive experience to the role and is committed to contributing to the satisfaction of those who call this exceptional residence their home.

Mr. Tibika, you were just recently appointed to the role of General Manager. Tell us a little bit about how you got here.

Olivier Tibika: I came from the hospitality industry. I spent many years working as a director at hotels in Montreal. While seniors’ residences are a new environment for me, I see the same commitment to service quality. The major difference is that your clients here aren’t just passing through, they’re here to stay! I believe that my personal and professional background will definitely contribute to providing high-quality service and all the small details that make all the difference.

What surprised you the first time you set foot inside the residence?

Olivier Tibika: What initially charmed me was the people. Many of them had already been living on Nuns’ Island before moving into the residence, which creates a nice sense of community. Plus, since you run into the residents several times a day, you get the chance to chat with them regularly and form a closer relationship. It’s important to remember that we’re in their home and we work for them, and that’s why the meaning of the word “service” resonates so strongly with me. We must offer excellence 365 days a year.

How do you see your role as General Manager?

Olivier Tibika: I want to make sure that the people who live here continue to make the most out of what their residence has to offer, and I want to cultivate the sense that they are part of a community. I truly see that as my mission. I’m committed to building relationships based on trust, and I want all the residents to know that they can count on me.

How do you plan to achieve that?

Olivier Tibika: First of all, you need frequent communication. For example, we regularly film video info capsules and play them on the residence’s own TV channel. In addition, my door is always open and people can come see me whenever they want. Recently, four residents came to me to discuss some concerns that they had. I listen carefully and I do everything in my power to respond to residents’ needs.

But you also need teamwork. All employees without exception—from caretakers to cooks to maintenance staff—are dedicated to the satisfaction of the residents. If you work here, you need to know how to be attentive and take the time to talk to them. For example, a caretaker who replaces a light bulb in a resident’s unit isn’t just changing a light bulb, they also need to demonstrate interpersonal skills and take the time to create an interaction. You have to keep in mind that you might be the only person whom that resident has spoken to that day. Caretakers also need to be attentive to certain signs that indicate that a person might need assistance, such as care provision. This also helps increase security for residents. Our philosophy is fundamentally about human values, and the success of our mission depends on the team.

Besides a team dedicated to the satisfaction of residents, what else sets Ambiance apart and gives it added value?

Olivier Tibika: Nuns’ Island is a magnificent environment and a highly prized location, and Le Groupe Maurice is committed to offering a high-quality living environment. Every year, investments are made to keep the residence up to date and continue offering superb quality apartments and services. The other great thing about Ambiance is its proximity to shops and services. There’s a shopping centre just steps away that has all the conveniences, including a grocery store, SAQ, several banks, an optometrist, pharmacies and even a medical clinic. Some residents even decided to get rid of their car when they moved in. This proximity makes day-to-day life simpler and more pleasant. Ambiance is truly an exceptional residence and I consider myself privileged to be able to contribute to that.

Thank you for speaking with us and we wish you every success!