Resident satisfaction survey: the results are oustanding!


Last fall, Le Groupe Maurice carried out its annual resident satisfaction survey as part of its Customer Experience Program. With COVID-19 dominating the year’s headlines, Le Groupe Maurice wanted to know how the pandemic was impacting the satisfaction of residents. As we were all very happy to learn, the results are outstanding! To find out more, we spoke to Joëlle Richard, Head of Strategy for Le Groupe Maurice’s Customer Experience Program.

A year like no other

Carried out last September, the Customer Experience survey evaluated residents’ satisfaction with the services offered at Le Groupe Maurice residences. Joëlle Richard and her team, accompanied by a firm specializing in customer satisfaction research, asked participants key questions in order to identify their perception of the company. This year, a section on managing the pandemic was added to the survey to find out what residents thought about the enforcement of health rules at the residences.

“We wanted to measure this factor, which had a major impact on our operations in 2020. The pandemic forced us to review all our practices, from changing the way meals are distributed, to modifying activities and adding a whole range of new procedures. We all had to adapt to new ways of doing things, usually at short notice. So when we saw the positive survey results, it was like receiving a present. After all, the residents are the reason why we make all these efforts.”

High marks for managing the crisis

Nearly 95% of residents said they were satisfied with the communications initiatives taken by Le Groupe Maurice to keep them informed of how the COVID-19 crisis was being managed.

“We distributed info sheets to apartments, our general managers held information sessions and our staff constantly reminded residents of health measures. We decided to devote sustained effort to internal communications, a critical element in times of crisis. The survey results confirm that we were right to step up our efforts in this area.”

In addition, 94.3% of residents said they were satisfied with the way Le Groupe Maurice implemented mandatory public health procedures, despite the severity of some of the measures. Finally, 97.8% of residents responded positively to the measures taken by residences to prevent the spread of the virus, like disinfecting door knobs, ramps and elevator buttons.

The survey’s results also reveal that satisfaction with services remains high or stable. While the crisis has forced Le Groupe Maurice to overhaul practically all the services offered at residences, the survey shows that residents are still very satisfied with service quality. This was particularly evident in food services, personal care and housekeeping.

A special mention

“Over 96% of residents said they were very satisfied with the professionalism and courtesy of employees,” Joëlle Richard points out. “We have a lot to be proud of. This reflects our steadfast commitment to the needs of residents and demonstrates that people continue to be our top priority.” 

Interestingly, satisfaction with general management is nearly 100% in the majority of residences. “This result tells me that the residents highly value their general managers. More importantly, it shows that there’s a lot of mutual trust. And I believe that trust is essential to maintaining a harmonious living space,” says the Head of Strategy for the Customer Experience Program.

We can’t not mention that residents gave a satisfaction rating of over 96% to the quality of customer service offered by their residence’s reception team. “These teams were on the front lines answering large call volumes from residents and their families, managing everyone entering and exiting the residences, and managing visitors. All the teams were challenged like never before and they rose to the challenge, day after day,” says Joëlle Richard.

A large number of residents completed this year’s survey, with a participation rate of nearly 70%. Many of the respondents also shared their comments. “Thanks to their participation, we’ll be able to focus on what we need to do in order to improve their living environment. Getting them to share their opinion with us is essential.”

What’s the plan?

Based on the survey results and the comments shared by residents, Le Groupe Maurice’s head office and each of the residences have put together an action plan aimed at improving satisfaction in key areas.

In menu planning, for example, some food service managers will be asked to ensure that fish, beef and other dishes are evenly spaced out over the month. This is an important factor that influences how residents perceive the variety of the meals on offer. While everyone has their own tastes, our goal is to make as many people happy as possible.

“Asking questions and collecting the results is the easy part. What sets us apart is that we’re able to integrate the feedback from our residents into our operations and adapt to their needs. Listening to and understanding our customers definitely supports our strategy, but the secret to our success will always be our ability to translate strategy into action.” 

Thank you for participating in this initiative. Above all, thank you for your trust.