Retirement home rankings: Le Groupe Maurice tops the list!

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“How do I know whether this retirement home is the right one for me or my loved ones?” When it comes to residences for seniors, many people end up asking themselves the same question. Fortunately, Protégez-vous magazine published a satisfaction survey on January 20 that makes it possible to rank Quebec’s best seniors’ residences. We are honoured and privileged to announce that Le Groupe Maurice came in first place in a large field that included Quebec’s major corporate groups, as well as smaller independent facilities.


Highest satisfaction level for Le Groupe Maurice

Checking in with residents is an excellent way to find out whether they are happy with service quality and with the overall atmosphere of their residential complex. In conducting this satisfaction survey, Protégez-vous magazine has provided a concrete assessment of living conditions at various retirement homes.

As part of the survey, some 3,500 people, including residents and their families, were asked about specific aspects of retirement home life, such as service quality, safety, medical care, recreational activities, etc.

Although most seniors living in retirement homes said they were happy with their living environment, it should be noted that Le Groupe Maurice topped the list of the best retirement homes with a satisfaction score of 75%. Based on the survey results, Le Groupe Maurice residences are particularly strong in the areas of recreational activities, safety measures and staff courtesy.


The Protégez-vous survey results reflect Le Groupe Maurice’s unswerving commitment to providing outstanding residences in which retirees across Quebec can find comfortable living environments designed to foster autonomy, social activities, health and personal development in a freedom-focused setting. 

Rita Kataroyan, Le Groupe Maurice’s Vice-President of Marketing and Communications.


Ms. Kataroyan also underscored the hard work of the Groupe’s 2,100 employees who, day in and day out, help to make Le Groupe Maurice residences such exceptional living spaces—the overwhelming choice of retirees in Quebec!

This large-scale survey is very helpful, not only for individuals weighing the possibility of living in a retirement home, but also for Le Groupe Maurice, which does whatever it can to meet seniors’ ever-changing needs, passions and lifestyles. The feedback provided, along with our own annual satisfaction survey, provides us with an opportunity to listen to our clients with a view to making continual improvements to our service offer

Supporting seniors’ well-being and embracing the concept of aging well are among the core values of Le Groupe Maurice. Be being proactive and attentive to this type of survey, Le Groupe Maurice successfully creates an environment in which residents can thrive to their fullest potential!