Sing along with le Groupe Maurice


Do you like singing and beautiful melodies? You’re in for a treat! The entire recreation team is proud to bring you Le Groupe Maurice residences’ anthems, all created as part of our new, creative initiative, Sing Along!

Making music is good for you

Did you know that creative activity has real health benefits? Among other things, it reduces stress, improves memory, strengthens fine motor skills, and encourages socializing.

To take advantage of all the benefits of this type of leisure activity, Le Groupe Maurice regularly organizes Creativia events, which are all about the inventiveness of our seniors, getting together and an epicurean lifestyle. The latest event, Sing Along, was a delightful experience for all.

By composing their official anthem, Le Groupe Maurice residents were able to let their creative juices flow while reinforcing the identity of their residential complex, all in a spirit of joy and good humour!

“The primary idea behind this activity was to get the residents to let their imaginations soar, because the best ideas are born when we get together and brainstorm. This great teamwork not only strengthened the bonds between participants, but also fostered a strong sense of belonging to their residence. In the end, it created wonderful memories, and that’s what it’s all about,” says John Conway, recreation advisor.

Anthems that bring people together

A dozen residences took part in this artistic activity. Several even went so far as to write the words and music for their own anthem, thanks to a choir or band specially formed for the occasion.

This project gave residents the opportunity to express their talents and strengthen relationships through music. Highly committed to this activity, Le Groupe Maurice retirees were thrilled to have been able to make their voices heard and their emotions resonate! A montage of all the creations from the participating residences was also created by the recreation team, so that the seniors could view it in their movie theatre by the end of June for a great listening experience.

Many thanks to the recreation team and music-loving residents for this beautifully orchestrated musical interlude!