Station Est and Les Jardins Millen celebrate their anniversaries in style


Residences Station Est and Les Jardins Millen recently celebrated their anniversaries. Here’s a look back at the colourful festivities.

An elegant ball at Les Jardins Millen

For many, fall is synonymous with apple pie and hot chocolate by the campfire. For Le Groupe Maurice, it’s the season for celebrations! On September 22, the seniors at Les Jardins Millen celebrated their residence’s 10th anniversary with a stylish soirée.

Residents and team members were treated to a delicious meal prepared by the chefs at the residential complex and enjoyed the refined and captivating atmosphere of a Victorian ball to lively music amidst a sumptuous decor.

Station Est celebrates its 5th anniversary!

On October 26th, Station Est blew out its candles at a “vintage film” evening. This elegant festival, filled with glitter and fun, was a real celebration! The many guests at the party were able to transform themselves into Hollywood stars and live the American dream for an evening.
A program worthy of the greatest movie premieres was organized. A refreshing cocktail party and a succulent gourmet dinner awaited the guests, each one more chic than the last. A dance party, hosted by the famous comedian and humorist Alain Dumas, was then offered to celebrate and end the night in style!
Getting a taste for the celebrity life is so easy when it’s all about the party and the snapshots! Typical decorations from the golden age of American cinema adorned the walls of Station East and the retro atmosphere of those golden years delighted the hearts of the residents.
This magnificent anniversary was the result of a grandiose organization, carried out by the Station East team. Its members showed fabulous creativity and dedication. Thanks to them, the retirees of the residence had the opportunity to live an unforgettable and refined evening, under the stars of Hollywood. A big thank you to you for this splendid celebration, placed under the sign of glamour and enchantment!
Happy Birthday to all!