Team Le Groupe Maurice competes in the Sainte-Justine winter triathlon


The 18th annual Sainte-Justine Winter Triathlon recently took place on February 16. For the second consecutive time, Le Groupe Maurice rallied for a good cause during this sports and philanthropic challenge!

A Nordic sporting event…

Scientific research is constantly evolving, and every day, experts work to find solutions and treatments for various diseases and medical conditions. In order to provide a better future for families and sick children, the CHU Sainte-Justine organizes an annual Winter Triathlon at Parc Maisonneuve along with a fundraising event, which Le Groupe Maurice proudly participated in again this year.

Indeed, Le Groupe Maurice doesn’t merely promote the well-being of seniors. Improving society as a whole has become a genuine crusade they’re actively committed to. The Sainte-Justine Winter Triathlon is precisely one of the initiatives close to the Groupe’s heart; and this year, three teams made up of head office employees proudly sported the company’s colours there!

It was under a wonderful weather that Le Groupe Maurice athletes competed against other participants to win the prestigious Pierre-Boivin trophy in three events: ice skating, running and cross-country skiing.

… fostering shared support

Bringing together some 400 participants each year, the Sainte-Justine Winter Triathlon provides a unique platform to raise public awareness concerning pediatric health and encourage an active lifestyle. Supporting, donating, and contributing one kilometre at a time, Le Groupe Maurice is thrilled to have participated in the 2024 edition of this challenge and to have raised $17,845 across all departments!

This sum is a testament to the altruism of the many stakeholders involved in this commendable initiative. From Le Groupe Maurice, which covered the entire $2,500 team registration fee, to the generous individuals who cheered on our participants, and finally to the Luc Maurice Foundation. Thanks to its donation matching program, the Foundation effectively doubled the amount of individual contributions, thereby reinforcing the positive impact of our collective dedication to the children and mothers of CHU Sainte-Justine.

In summary, the Sainte-Justine Winter Triathlon is more than just a seasonal sporting event. It’s a vibrant celebration of health and solidarity that has led to a grand total of $858,855 being raised this year, or 42% more than the target!

A heartfelt thank you to all the athletes and volunteers who went above and beyond in this Nordic physical challenge. Your determination and energy have been instrumental in achieving this great accomplishment. Le Groupe Maurice is proud to have been involved in this rewarding experience and looks forward to continuing to support such initiatives that make a real difference in society!