The great Carnival mask contest of Le Groupe Maurice


During the month of February, Le Groupe Maurice residents had an opportunity to indulge their creative spirit by participating in the great Carnival mask-making contest organized by Le Groupe Maurice.

🎶 Carnival, Mardi Gras, Carnival! At Groupe Maurice, it’s a real festival!  🎶

To mark the traditional Carnival season, Le Groupe Maurice organized a new creative contest to stimulate residents’ imaginations. Throughout the month of February, participants designed and created their own version of a Carnival mask. We were amazed by the fantastic, dreamlike ideas that residents came up with.

From February 25 through March 3, Le Groupe Maurice’s greater Facebook community had the chance to choose the extraordinary winning Carnival mask from among the finalists’ creations.

It was the mask created by Jacques Shaffer, a resident of the VÜ residential complex in Sherbrooke, that took the honours. His mask, inspired by Silvanus, god of the forests, transports us into the woods. Made up of little branches and miniature pine cones, the mask looks like the bark of a tree. Perfect for going incognito during our next walk in the forest!

A special mention as well to Ms. Baraké, of the Ambiance Retirement Home (Nuns’ Island) and Ms. Fortin, a resident of the Gibraltar (Quebec City), who took second and third places, respectively.

Activities for everyone

There’s something for everyone at the retirement home! This creative contest is actually not a first for Le Groupe Maurice residents. Begun in December 2020, the Creativia initiative gives free rein to residents’ imagination and creativity through various contests and activities.

In 2020, during the enchantment of the holiday season, residents magnificently adorned their balconies and apartment doors with their most beautiful Christmas decorations. Then, in 2021, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a touching love poem contest introduced us to some talented writers among our residents. The works were published in a remarkable poetry collection. Then, to celebrate the arrival of spring, the Floral Balcony contest brightened up the homes thanks to participants’ green thumbs.

What other surprises do we have in store? Stay tuned!

See all the photos of finalists’ Carnival masks HERE!