The Innovator: Understanding Ageism


A brand new edition of The Innovator magazine is now available at residences and online. In this edition, we focus on Ageism, a major social issue that concerns us all.

This latest edition of The Innovator magazine shines the spotlight on Ageism, a critical challenge that still receives far too little attention. You’ll find articles on various initiatives Le Groupe Maurice has taken to fight Ageism, as well as organizations that are hard at work helping seniors. You’ll also learn more about how elderly people are perceived in different countries around the world, and you’ll have the answer to the question At What Age Are We Considered “Old”? Plus, lots of other surprises!

Understanding Ageism

The COVID-19 pandemic has had painful consequences for seniors, and the challenge of Ageism has become even more acute against this difficult backdrop. We’ve begun to analyze the reasons why seniors in general have faced so much loss, loneliness and confusion, and one of these reasons is Ageism.

We’ll all be seniors one day. Therefore, Ageism is everyone’s business. That’s why we decided to dedicate this edition of The Innovator to this important topic. Also in this edition, you’ll get the chance to look at seniors from totally different angles, discover stories you’ll rarely hear on a daily basis and bust some myths about ageing!

Through a series of investigative articles, we invite you to learn more about the phenomenon of Ageism. Together, we must initiate a society-wide conversation about this important issue that will inevitably touch more and more of us in the future. We are hopeful and optimistic that this edition of The Innovator can be a part of that conversation.

The Innovator: a must-read!

As usual, this edition of The Innovator magazine will be distributed to residents’ doors during the month of May. If you’re not a Le Groupe Maurice resident and you’d like to read the magazine, no problem! The Innovator is also available online here.

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Enjoy reading!