The Sainte-Justine winter triathlon: Le Groupe Maurice rises to the challenge!


The Sainte-Justine winter triathlon was held on February 17. Attracting some 300 participants in all age groups, this athletic challenge is dedicated to the cause of mothers, teenagers and sick children. This year, Le Groupe Maurice decided to seize this golden opportunity to muster its own show of support by fielding no fewer than four teams, joined by loads of eagerly enthusiastic fans!


Four Le Groupe Maurice teams fighting for a cause

You may well be wondering what the famous Sainte-Justine triathlon actually involves. Created in 2006, this fundraising initiative features a blend of sports activities, heart-warming camaraderie and dedicated fundraising. Everyone is there to support families in Sainte-Justine. The participants take part in a three-part competition in Maisonneuve Park, including snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and running!

With each individual competitor raising money for the Pierre Boivin Fund, the participants are divided into various teams with the aim of advancing scientific research. This was a great opportunity for Le Groupe Maurice to step outside its “comfort zone” of community-based action and to get involved with a new and essential cause.

Seeking to contribute to the well-being of hospital patients in Sainte-Justine, various teams were set up by employees from our head office. Against a backdrop of joy and good humour, the participants representing Le Groupe Maurice donned their snowshoes, skis and sneakers under the watchful eye of their captains and supporters—and despite the whims of Mother Nature!

Even though Le Groupe Maurice typically focuses on seniors and the fight against ageism, it was essential for us to take part in this 17th edition of the triathlon with a view to supporting mothers and children at Sainte-Justine Hospital while having a positive impact on their future prospects.


The big winners: patients and team spirit

By offering a competitive option as well as a participatory one, the triathlon rallied sports fans as well as snow lovers and individuals who thrive on challenges! All in all, the Le Groupe Maurice teams raised over $29,000! This impressive total was the result of altruistic mobilization, as evidenced by the $2,500 per team registration fee covered by Le Groupe Maurice, countless individual donations and a $3,200 contribution by the Luc Maurice Foundation, thanks to its donation matching program. This noble cause, in line with Le Groupe Maurice’s core values, underscores a willingness to give back to the community while appealing to employees’ generosity. In light of the successful results, it’s safe to say that we definitely rose to the challenge!

Beyond its philanthropic dimension, the Sainte-Justine winter triathlon was a particularly inspiring event. It wasn’t about performing the perfect ski slalom or ending up in first place: the most important thing was to support the cause and do your best! In addition to the many benefits of physical exercise, this initiative gave everyone a chance to join forces as part of a unified community event. Whether you were a triathlete or a spectator, this healthy competition provided an opportunity for team spirit to thrive in pursuit of a shared goal.

Fighting the progression of a disease and helping researchers make steady progress is a day-to-day battle, much like a long-distance race. The funds raised (over $700,000) exceeded this year’s target, and we are proud that Le Groupe Maurice took up this cause. We would like to thank all the participants who did their very best as part of this fundraising challenge. We are also grateful to members of the public who came out to cheer on the athletes in wintertime, along with all the generous donors! You got Sainte-Justine’s heart beating in solidarity, not to mention our own!


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