Vaccination: phase 1 complete!


While Quebec has only just started vaccinating the general public against COVID-19, we’re pleased to announce that nearly 95% of Le Groupe Maurice residents have already received their first dose of the vaccine. Residents weren’t required to travel anywhere and didn’t need to ask a loved one for assistance, since the vaccines were administered right at their door.

The excitement was palpable as Le Groupe Maurice’s vaccination campaign kicked off at the residences, like at Ékla in Quebec City, where more than 500 residents received a vaccine in early February. The announcement of the arrival of the vaccination teams was even greeted with applause by the residents!

Elena Maftei, Assistant Vice President of Care Services, shared her impressions of the first round of vaccinations at the residences:

“We are very satisfied with the initial COVID-19 vaccine rollout at the residences. It was an incredible success! We established excellent partnerships with all the local Integrated University Health and Social Services Centres (CIUSSS), and thanks to the amazing collaboration of dedicated teams, we were able to implement a successful campaign together.”

As for the second dose, Elena Maftei explains that “the various CIUSSS centres are already preparing plans for administering the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. We are currently awaiting their instructions, and we’ll share the news with the residents and teams as soon as we receive it. We are eager to finalize this vaccination campaign!”

Vaccination: Preventive measures are still critical

While residents are understandably excited about the start of the vaccination campaign, we are continuing to carefully apply preventive measures. It’s important to remember that it can take up to 3 weeks for the vaccine to become effective. In the meantime, our immune system remains vulnerable to the virus.

Chantal Beaulieu, Assistant Vice President of Operations and Related Services, decided to address residents directly via the community channel to remind them of the importance of continuing to follow preventive measures. Now it’s up to everyone to do their part so we can finally overcome this challenge and return to normal life.