Valérie Gagné, director of Le Gibraltar, as seen through the eyes of the residents

The residents of Le Gibraltar residence in Québec City have painted a glowing portrait of their Executive Director, Valérie Gagné, based on their experience. After all, they work with her on a daily basis and have gotten to know her so well.

 What do you like most about Valérie?

“Valérie is all about communication, consistency and transparency. She’s a woman of ‘middle ground’. She’s empathetic, but not overprotective. She’s present, but not invasive. Valérie takes our opinion into account and she never feels threatened by criticism. She sees it as an opportunity to improve. With her, nothing is left unsaid. I feel confident that she cares about the happiness and well-being of the residents. I appreciate Valérie‘s humanity.”

— Oscar Hamel, resident at Le Gibraltar


 How does she relate to the employees?

“Valérie has a wonderful relationship with the employees. You can sense that. It’s honest. It’s candid. The atmosphere here is pretty close, and Valérie is a team player. She’s perfect, in my opinion. She has the right touch for this position. She’s fair and sensitive. She’s a good listener. If she was rigid and cold as a robot, it wouldn’t work! I love her infectious laugh and her caring approach.”

— Marie-Claude Laprise, resident at Le Gibraltar


 Why do you think a future retiree should choose Le Gibraltar?

“There’s an atmosphere here that you won’t find anywhere else. You feel the human warmth. You’re surrounded by respectful and friendly people. I’ve made friends at Le Gibraltar! It’s a fun place to live! Also, we’re located in a lively neighbourhood. You see kids heading home from school at the end of the day, for example. I must say that the geographical location of Le Gibraltar is extraordinary. Everything is within walking distance: the grocery store, the pharmacy, the hairdresser, the convenience store… And the apartments are beautiful!”

— Lise Durand, resident at Le Gibraltar


Do you have an interesting story to tell us about Valérie?

“Two years ago, Valérie knocked on my door to give me a card on which she had written a few words of sympathy. The day before, I had told her in the library that I was feeling sad because it was the anniversary of my husband’s death. Valérie had taken the time to chat with me when she saw my sorrow. I’ll never forget the moment she came to my apartment. Her message did me a world of good! I’m still moved when I think about it. Never before had I received such a thoughtful gesture. But that’s Valérie and Le Gibraltar!”

— Fernande Gamache, resident at Le Gibraltar


At Le Gibraltar, the people are human!