Welcome home to Cornelius!


Cornelius, the imposing seniors’ residence by Le Groupe Maurice centrally located in Montreal at the corner of Van Horne and Darlington avenues, officially opened its doors on June 1. Residents can now get settled in at their new urban oasis and enjoy an active and fulfilling retirement experience.


In a sign of good things to come, the Cornelius seniors’ residence in Montreal officially opened its doors on a bright sunny day. The Cornelius team, headed by General Manager Olivier Tibika, was there to welcome residents with grace and smiles.


“The entire team couldn’t wait to welcome the residents to their new home. Cornelius is a magnificent complex that offers a whole range of services that everyone can access without having to step outside. With the shopping centre directly accessible via the same building, residents will have the chance to shop as they please and interact with the community. I already have several projects in mind. The residents of Cornelius will get to enjoy an amazing and unique living environment. We truly can’t wait to welcome them!”