Bringing your pet to live with you at a residence

Bringing your pet to live with you at a residence

Coming to live in a residence is a big step. For many, it marks a turning point: it means moving forward and leaving certain things, and memories, behind. We know that bringing a pet helps make the transition easier and is beneficial to your well-being.
That’s why we make sure you can take this step with a companion—your pet!

Bringing your pet to live at one of our residences

All of Le Groupe Maurice’s residences allow small pets weighing approximately 12 pounds or less, that are easy to pick up or carry in a cage.

You don’t have to be heartbroken at the idea of leaving your dog, cat, bird, or other small animal behind; your pet is welcome in your new home.


You, your pet, and your neighbours

You and your pet have an undeniable bond, but not all residents will be animal lovers, no matter how sweet the animal.

For this reason, we ask that you respect other residents by keeping an eye on your pet to make sure it does not disturb others.

Let us know when you visit!

If you and your pet are an inseparable pair, mention this to us when you first come to visit a residence, or even bring your pet to meet us.

This way, we can start off looking by for the right residence for both of you at Le Groupe Maurice.