A typical day at our residences

A typical day at our residences

At Le Groupe Maurice, we believing that maintaining a balanced lifestyle and a strong social network is not only highly beneficial but essential. Meals, daily hygiene, and physical and recreational activities are all key in ensuring that reduced independence is no longer the main concern for residents, so that they can focus on enjoying life’s simple pleasures each day, like they used to.
Since each resident has different interests and needs, all aspects of life at the residence can be customized, from the activity program and living space to the lifestyle and routines.
With that in mind, here is what a typical day looks like at the Le Groupe Maurice residences.


Services CuisineMeals are served by our attentive staff in the dining room or right in the resident’s unit, according to their personalized service plan.

All meals are prepared based on Canada’s Food Guide and variety is always on the menu.

Nutritious, tasty, and adapted to the residents’ particular diets, each meal is cooked at our on-site kitchen by a chef and their kitchen staff.

Snacks are also provided in the afternoons and evenings.

Daily hygiene

Daily hygieneGood hygiene is essential to the comfort, well-being, and dignity of all seniors, and at Le Groupe Maurice, it is a top priority.

Depending on specific needs and level of independence, residents can receive personalized daily assistance with washing and personal hygiene needs.

Hygiene is an integral part of our daily routines, and we believe it is important for the resident to be at the centre of all decisions regarding their hygiene. Our attendants are trained to provide support with compassion, diligence, humility, and respect while involving the resident as much as possible. They consistently provide humanized care, taking the time to build a relationship of trust.

Residents can also choose to take advantage of additional services at the residence, such as therapeutic baths, without additional cost. Full baths or showers are offered twice a week.

Visits from family and friends

Typical dayWe encourage the friends and families of residents to get involved in their daily lives.

Not only is it important for you, but it means a lot to us as well, as together we form the best possible team to benefit the resident. All we want for our residents is for them to continue enjoying life with a great support system.

Whether you’re dropping in for a few hours or staying for a meal, friends and family are always welcome.


A variety of daily activities

LGM_2016_web_a-propos_Services-produits_soins3Experiencing a loss of independence certainly doesn’t mean losing your interests as well. Activities organized by a specialized recreation director and activity facilitators ensure that residents can keep an active social life and maintain their physical and cognitive abilities.

Naturally, we understand that not everyone has the same needs or preferences. Our activity facilitators are also aware of this fact and make sure to respect these differences, as well as the privacy and interests of each resident.

With activities including choir, music, animal-assisted therapy, relaxation, physical activity, and discussion groups, there’s something for everyone!

Birthdays and anniversaries also provide social opportunities to brighten up daily life and celebrate milestones. We’re always sure to organize a celebration befitting of each special occasion!